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Do You Know Moh?

Here's a Quiz to test your knowledge of the Moh's Scale of hardness. First you need to identify each crystal in the pairs, and then decide which is the hardest.

Hover you mouse over the photograph to reveal the answers :)

Rhodochrosite (3.5-4) and Kyanite (6-7) Hematite (5) and Candle Quartz (7)
Staurolite (7-7.5) and Ruby (9) Labradorite (6) and Zincite (4)
Native Copper (2.5-3) and Celestite (3-3.5) Malachite (3.5-4) and Blue Chalcedony (7)
Lapis Lazuli (5-6) and Cornish Blue Fluorite (4) Gypsum (2) and Citrine (7)




Monochrome Quiz

Here's the answers to the Monochrome Quiz on our facebook page:

Hover your mouse over each image to reveal its name, or click on it to see more detail on the stone :)

Seraphinite Agate Amber
Azurite Fluorite Blue John
Boji Stones Botroydial Hematite Native Copper
Fluorite Kyanite Labradorite
Malachite Malachite Moldavite
Ocean or Orbicular Jasper Pyrite Rhodochrosite
Ruby in Fuchsite Smoky Quartz Amethyst Spirit Quartz








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Over 2 Acres Of Surface Buildings, Underground Tour, Hard Rock Museum, Water Wheel, Shop, Cafe, Picnic Areas, Magnificent  Views
King Edward Mine Museum - the oldest complete mine site left in Cornwall.

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