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Simple Truth Crystal Grid from Crystal Grids & Sets

Simple Truth Crystal Grid

Maybe it was my frame of mind at the time, but somehow this simple grid was the most complicated I've created!  I thought the crystals weren't speaking clearly to me, then got the message that I wasn't listening (that's me told!).

In the centre is a Topaz cleave - meaning that it formed as a flat sheet.  It has an ever so subtle blue hue, and resonates with the crown and throat chakras, calling for undeniable truth to be realised and expressed.

A trio of Labradorite chips surround it, quelling irrational fear and doubt about the task you've been called to attend to.  The borders are beautifully clear Quartz rods (ones that do not come to a point).  These frame the grid with optimism and openness of mind and spirit.

The measurements are of the Topaz cleave, and the weight is the complete set.

Blue Topaz
This aqua-blue variety of Topaz is attributed with the ability to magnify understanding of your inner guidance and ability to speak your inner truth. It is used for psychic work and to calm the mind ready for meditation.

Healing Properties

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Dimensions: 20x15x3mm
Weight: 11g (to the nearest gram)

Price: £8.00 $10.96

Quantity: One of a kind


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