How to Dowse with a Pendulum

What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is mainly used for finding answers through the sub-conscious.  This is called dowsing, which has been used over the centuries to divine for water, to find ley-lines, to diagnose ailments, to aid decision-making or even to look for missing people!

A pendulum will swing in a straight line or in a circular motion.  For some people, a circular motion is “yes” and straight line is “no”.

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Working with a Pendulum

To start working with your the pendulum, hold it by the chain so that it hangs straight and still.  Some people feel comfortable holding the chain between their thumb and forefinger, others prefer to cup some of the chain in their palm and hang the pendulum Then ask "Please show me with clarity and truth the answer for yes" the pendulum should start to swing back and forth or swing in a clockwise/anticlockwise circle. Note which way the pendulum moves. Then, in the same way, ask to be shown an answer for no, which should be different to the yes answer.

For this, it can be helpful not to just think of the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’, but also to sense the meaning – as if walking into an unknown place and instantly feeling positive or negative about being there.  This is your energetic ‘yes’ and ‘no’ which is charging the pendulum.

Once you have established "yes" and "no" for the pendulum, move onto exploring and practicing your ability and trust in working with the pendulum.  For instance, you can hide your ring (or something you feel attached to) under one of three cups, move them around and then dowse each cup while asking “Is my ring under this cup?”

Click on this image for a larger version for printingTo gain confidence in your accuracy and range of movement, either draw or print out the diagram below and then practice following the lines and circumference with your eye and let the pendulum match your eye movement.  The next stage is to ask for it to change direction and swing along one particular line, eg: “Show north – south” or “Show 10 o’clock – 4 o’clock”.

Keeping your Pendulum Safe

Always keep your pendulum safe and for your own personal use only. If your pendulum does not want to work sometimes it may be because the question is not clear/specific enough, or it may not be the right time to gain an answer.  This can be especially true when the question is emotionally charged.  Ask again later or try another day.

Cleanse your pendulum before you first use it, and on a regular basis to keep it fresh and clear. Look at our Cleansing Crystals section for more on this.