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Gift Vouchers are available for all of our Healing Room treatments, and for £5, £10 or £15 amounts to be redeemed in the shop.

Cleansed Crystals Online

We're Spring-ing into action, getting ready for the start of the 2016 season.

We've lots of new crystals and jewellery here on our website and in the shop, and also Goddess, Green Man and hare statues, dreamcatchers, skulls, dragons and more! Head to What's New section to catch up with these.

We're now in our 9th year online, and 11th in our high street shop in Wadebridge, and we've established for Rainbow Spirit Crystal Shop a proven track record for selling handpicked and cleansed crystals and Cornish minerals from its online crystal shop.

We aim to send out orders on the day they are placed, and can ship to UK, Europe, the US and worldwide from our high street shop in Cornwall, UK.

This site aims to provide a way for those who live in Cornwall or further away to 'pop in' and see the new healing crystals, mineral specimens and jewellery at Rainbow Spirit the crystal shop in Wadebridge, North Cornwall.

You can order from our online selection, email or phone us for something you've seen in the shop and wish you'd bought. You can just to read up about crystals, crystal healing, Peter Kleiner and other provenence, our rocks and minerals, or about the alternative therapy treatments available here in the Healing Room at the back of Rainbow Spirit.

Complimentary Therapies

Holistic therapies available in our Healing Room in Wadebridge, include Indian Head Massage, Crystal Card Reading (similar to a tarot card reading), Crystal Massage - a new treatment combining the benefits of massage with the powerful healing properties of crystals and Sound Massage, which uses crystal singing bowls played to produce a fascinating blend of harmonic tones that resonates to create a relaxed state.

Crystals, rocks, and Cornish minerals online

We've a whole world of rocks and minerals at Rainbow Spirit crystal shop - from local to worldwide collections and even astral stones - from out of this world - with a range of meteorites and crystals formed by their impacts and explosions. We also have Moldavite, Tektite and Libyan Desert Glass (a yellow Tektite) as rough stones or in jewellery.


Online Cornish Crystal Shop with Cornish Minerals

Rainbow Spirit is a Cornish crystal shop in Wadebridge, North Cornwall. In 2008 we opened this online crystal shop. We are valued for our quality of care and vast range of beautiful stock by crystal healers, mineral collectors and everyone drawn to the beauty of crystals and gemstone jewellery ! We specialise in rare crystals, Cornish minerals specimens, crystal healing wands and gemstone jewellery.

Crystal Healing Properties

As a leading supplier of Cornish minerals, crystals for healing, gemstone jewellery, mineral specimens, tumble stones, rare crystals and Tibetan singing bowls, we aim to have crystals for sale from Amethyst to Zoisite, a full A-Z with Rose Quartz and Moldavite!

At the Rainbow Spirit shop, friendly and knowledgeable help is on hand to explain the healing properties, birthstones, and how to choose a crystal from the choice of rough and tumble stones, crystals healing tools in wands, spheres (crystal ball), pendulums, rocks and fossils. Our silver jewellery range includes gemstone rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

We also have a selection of books for sale. We can advise on how to cleanse crystals to use crystal healing in daily life, and how to dowse with a pendulum or play a singing bowl.


Crystal with Provenance - Peter Kleiner Collection, and more

We also seek out specialist crystal healing tools, valued for their provenance, having been previously owned by esteemed healers and crafts people such as Peter Kleiner, The Monk and The Master Hand-Carver of Wands.

Crystal Meditations

There's a range of Crystal Meditations, written by Beth, here online as well.

We open the shop six days a week, so are online to answer any queries you have by email, or telephone 01208 816554 for friendly advice.