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Witch's Fingers Quartz

We have invested in a bundle of Witches Fingers so we are able to select from them for you.

This is one of our stock items, so you may choose as many as you like.  If you order more than one, Beth will pick ones that work together aesthetically and energetically.

Witch's Finger Quartz
Named for their resemblance to the witches' fingers of fairy tales, being crooked and disfigured, these tumbled Quartz points have all manner of inclusions.  They formed slowly in the presence of rutile, iron, calcite, feldspar, mica, zircon, sphalerite and muscovite!  What a potent mix! ... and reflective of the range of tools available to the witch's finger to conjure and manifest at will.

Key Healing Properties:  Witch's Fingers can be used in work with the Shadow Self, expanding awareness and identifying to address aspects of the psyche or banishing negative attachments.  They are touch stones for courage, strength and confidence.

Healing Properties

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Dimensions: 25-35mm long
Weight: 4g (to the nearest gram)
Origin: Zambia

Price: £3.00 $3.90



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