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Biotite from Douglas Creba


A display piece of Biotite from Cornwall's clay country.









This piece was collected by the late Douglas Creba, a renowned mineralologist who became a Cornish Bard, and his Bardic name was Den an Carrygy - 'Man of the Rocks'.  We are fortunate to know his family and to share with you some of the duplictes of his main collection, which used to reside in the Wheal Martyn Museum.


The metallic sheen of Biotite ranges from red-brown to green in colour. It is a form of Mica.

Key Healing Properties: It is attributed with the qualities of aiding rational perception.

Healing Properties

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Dimensions: 97x77x54mm
Weight: 432g (to the nearest gram)
Origin: Trelavour Downs, St Dennis, Belowda Area, St Austell District, Cornwall

Price: £19.50 $25.35

Quantity: One of a kind


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