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Calcite on Quartz from Douglas Creba Collection

Calcite on Quartz

This is such a stunning little Welsh rock!  Sparkling, clear Quartz glistens amongst the white Calcite it's nestling up to, and the slatey matrix brings it to life by being a dark contrasting colour.  Yum!








This piece was collected by the late Douglas Creba, a renowned mineralologist who became a Cornish Bard, and his Bardic name was Den an Carrygy - 'Man of the Rocks'.  We are fortunate to know his family and to share with you some of the duplictes of his main collection, which used to reside in the Wheal Martyn Museum.

Clear Quartz

The word 'crystal' comes from the Greek 'krystalos', meaning solid ice, so the term originally referred only to clear quartz. It grows in a wide range of shapes, each with their own additional property and use. It brings clarity, optimism and has the ability to be programmed to an intended use or purpose.

Specific varieties of Clear Quartz include - Arkansas Quartz and Himachal Pradesh Quartz.

Healing Properties

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Dimensions: 62x49x48mm
Weight: 196g (to the nearest gram)
Origin: Nant Helen, South Wales

Price: £25.00 $35.50

Quantity: One of a kind


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