The Healing Room
A peaceful haven offering a range of therapies and treatments

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Massage

Crystal Card Reading

Healing Room Crystal Gallery

We have a developed a tranquil and relaxing environment in our Healing Room at the Rainbow Spirit crystal shop, 55 Molesworth Street, Wadebridge, Cornwall where we practice a range of alternative therapy treatments.



The Healing Room is lined by Graham's seventeen crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and decorated by the crystal and mineral collection that Beth and Graham have built for healing and teaching work.

Please ring us on 01208 816554 to book.



Enjoy the beautiful sound of Crystal Singing Bowls with Graham. The sound vibrations aid relaxation and have the therapeutic effect of an internal sound massage. Sound may induce positive changes in the body as every single cell is like a sound receiver.

Crystal singing bowls are used for sound therapy, meditation and cleansing crystals, or just enjoyed for the wave of sound that resonates from them. They produce a fascinating blend of harmonic resonances and rich overtones. Graham uses 14 crystal and 3 Tibetan singing bowls of different sizes, each playing notes that correspond to the seven Chakra energy centres of our bodies through a range of high, mid & low tones.

Sound Massage


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Beth gives insights similar to a tarot card reading, but using crystal based cards to give guidance and insight. The reading is multi-dimensional, drawing information from intuition and knowledge of the Chakras and the elements (earth, fire, air, water) as well as the qualities of the individual stone depicted. Time is also give for holding and resonating with the actual stones in the reading, adding depth to understanding and by guided visualisation where appropriate.

Crystal Reading £30

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Here are some of the crystals that we use in our treatments.....