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Spring Equinox

Ostara Blessings!  Wishing you well on the Day of Happiness!
vernal equinox.jpg

The Swingers


There's a lovely new selection of crystal dowsing pendulums on the website now.

Ancient Crosses

IMG_2745.JPGWe love the Cornish landscape for a multitude of reasons, one of them being how it connects us with the past - not only the mining heritage in the hundreds of engine houses scattered across the Dutchy, but also our early ancestors.  The ancient stone crosses stand (or in many cases lean!) as touchstones to previous ways of being and working with the Earth.

IMG_2779.JPGFor a couple of years we have had pewter replicas of Cornish mining engine houses, and we've now added a range of ancient crosses.

The one shown on the left is at Cardinham and a ring-chain cross of a Scandinavian style, the most southerly example known.

We also have Sancreed cross from the Land's End area and Pencarrow, from just up the road from us towards Bodmin.


IMG_2714.JPGIMG_2726.JPGIf you've a 50th, 25th or 21st to celebrate this year - here's a gift option, newly added to our Cuff Links section.

40% OFF!

February Special Offer
40% OFF



New to Pewter

We've introduced a new section for the website - Helpful Tools, and added a new range of pewter giftware.  The first arrivals are decorative ballpoint pens, wrist bangles and the cutest dragon figurines ever!
IMG_2263.JPGIMG_2305.JPG IMG_2313.JPG

Coming Soon - Cornish Tin mine engine houses, Cornish piskies and Celtic standing crosses :)

Diarys Now £8


We've a few copies of the 2017 Earth Pathways diary left, so we've reduced them to £8 including p&p grin.gif

"The Earth Pathways diary is a love song to the Earth and celebrates the work of artists and writers who share a deep love for our land." This page-a-week, spiral bound diary includes UK sunrise and sunset times, moon phases and signs and some astrological information. It guides you through the year with a focus on each of the Earth Festivals. At the back, there's month-view pages, a year planner and notes pages. 

Swinging in the New Year

Our Pendulums section has had a boosting refill - including some 'top of the range' ones that are set in silver using high grade stones.

Crystal Sets

IMG_1242.JPGIMG_1238.JPGWe've added new Crystal Sets to our range that are based on my posters thumbup.gif

Happy New Year

We wish you a Happy New Year, and all the best for 2017

Solstice Blessings

Wishing you a blessed Winter Solstice 
winter solstice.jpg

Moldavite Jewellery

A small selection of new Moldavite Jewellery has just arrived, and I've added it to the website today.

Nautical But Nice

Copy of IMG_1003.JPG
We've just added Skull & Crossbone, Pirate Ship and Fleur de Lis designs to our Cufflinks.
Copy of IMG_0999.JPGCopy of IMG_0992.JPG

Christmas Shopping

tree.gifWe're open Christmas Eve and all the way up till then we'll be posting out parcel on a daily basis santaho.gif

Shop in US Dollars

As part of various updates to our website, prices are now showing in US dollars as well as British pounds.  w00t.gifWhen you get to the Checkout stage, you can choose whether to purchase in dollars or pounds before you head to PayPal for them to complete the secure online payment process.

Wadebridge Remembrance Day


We took part in the 2016 Wadebridge Remembrance Day ceremonies today, standing with our friends in Widows Sons and Moorlanders MCC.












Wadebridge Armistice Day


We will shut for a short time on Friday morning around 11am on 11th November to take part in the 2 minute silence at the town hall in Wadebridge on Armistice Day.  We will also attend the Remembrance Day service on Sunday in Egloshayle.

Cornish Crystal Sets


We've added some Cornish Amethyst tumble stones to the website today - both as a stock item, at £1 each, so you can pick as many as you need, and also in the Crystal Sets department, with packs that I've prepared of well suited stones grin.gif

Hospital Stay



We've added two new Crystal Sets today - one for a hospital stay and the other for support in the care of depression.

Skully Halloween

skull upload.jpgfireworks.gifI've added a new selection of Crystal Skulls to the website today.

You can also read the blog I wrote while studying the crystal skulls.

Happy Halloween!!!


Crystal Grid Sets


I've added new Crystal Sets to the website today grin.gif

Gemstone Jewellery


Our Autumn collection of Gemstone Jewellery has arrived, and being uploaded to this website daily.

I'm also sharing these in our Rainbow Spirit Jewellery Service group over on Facebook, where you get first view, and a 10% discount! thumbup.gif

Lunar Wheel Poster 2017

lw01.JPGThe Lunar Wheel 2017 moon calendar is now in!

The Lunar Wheel poster by Bird & Bee is our long term favourite moon calendar.

It shows the phases of the moon through the year, depicting each month day by day in a spiral arm of the wheel. 

The moom names, times, eclipses, solistices and equinoxes are detailed and given in GMT.  It's beautiful artwork in its own right, and handy for keeping on track with the best day for cleansing crystals.

The posters are £8.50, plus £5.75 p&p to include the cost of a protective cardboard tube.

We also have the Lunar Wave cards, which we'll be adding to the website dreckly... once we can work out the best way to post them.

Lunar Calendar


New for 2017, the Earth Pathways collective have produced a wall calendar, full of their wonderful illustrations celebrating the seasonal cycling of Earth festivals, astrological and lunar information, based on the UK time zone.

Crystals & Reiki

I've added a little piece about Using Crystals with Reiki on our website today :)

Crystal Sets for Bikers

IMG_6071.JPGAs requested by our Facebook followers, we've started a new range of Crystal Sets based on Beth's posters.

The first one is the Crystal Set for Bikers, a selection of tumble stones chosen for their qualities to support motorcycles and their riders.


New In


We've boosted our online range of Sterling Silver pendants by adding more of the designs usually available in our shop in Wadebridge.

Enjoy a wide choice including pentacles, Green Men, Wolves and Chakra jewellery :)

Crystal Sets


I have added a wide range of new Crystal Sets to the website this afternoon.

These are hand picked sets of tumble stones for you to use in crystal grids or layouts.

Open again Tomorrow

Today we joined our friend on his last ride, and were closed for the day.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding.  We'll be open again tomorrow morning, Saturday 10th.

last ride.jpg

Goddess Stones

IMG_2825.JPGMenalite is a Stone of Feminine Wisdom, used to enhance divination and open perception to ease transition through the phases of life on this earthly plane.  Menalite is used for treating symptoms associated with menopause, menstruation, fertility and night sweats.

We've a lovely new collection of Menalites uploaded to the website today.


IMG_1778.JPGAtacamite is a mineral from the Halides group with a hardness of 3.  It forms as bright to dark green thin, prismatic and tabular crystals in oxidised regions of copper deposits as a secondary mineral.

We have some new pieces, added to the website today.

Atacamite is a rare mineral that is valued for opening the third eye, boosting visualisation and spiritual connection, restoring spiritual trust.  It is used for elimination, removing fear, cleansing the kidneys, healing the thyroid gland.

Angelic Host


I've just added a host of new Crystal Angels to our website.

This are the Peruvian, hand carved angels, that have fine detailed, feathery wings and make loving crystal companions. 


Picture Framing Wadebridge

Here is one of our local artist's collecting her newly framed piece of art. We think her smile is as wonderful as her painting.


Since April we've been the outlet for Picture Framing Wadebridge, with a selection of ready-made frames available in our shop, and we are the drop off and collection point for custom made frames.

See it First

a mean.jpgJoin me in our Facebook group - Rainbow Spirit Crystal Showcase - for first view of new collections shortly after they arrive at the shop.

The selection I hand pick for appearing online are shown here first (with a special little bit of discount!).

Our jewellery gets its first online airing in Rainbow Spirit Jewellery Service.


Planning Ahead

IMG_9941.JPGWe're pleased to say that the Earth Pathways Diary for 2017 has arrived and is now available in the shop and online.


11th Anniversary

It's 11 years since we started running Rainbow Spirit!


In that time, we've written thousands of tiny labels, and studied crystals close up.  Our eyesight has deteoriated, but our passion for rocks hasn't icon_cool.gif

Damsels in Prom Dress

We closed early yesterday so we could ride with the Widows Sons South West down to Hayle, and take two maids to their prom at Tregenna Castle, St Ives.  Magda and Eva were delighted with the reception their received when arriving at the leaver's ball on a motorcycle with sidecar, and escorted by a further seven bikes.

Magda Eva 5.jpg

As well as many thanks, we were given a donation to the charities we support.

25th June

We are closed tomorrow, Saturday 25th June, as we're supporting a motorcycle event fund raising for Lifelites - who provide specialist entertainment & educational technology to childrens' hospices.

We apologise for any inconvenience

Fathers' Day


Happy Fathers' Day from us xx

Crystal Healing Posters


Beth has been sharing her knowledge and understanding of crystals through the posters she creates for over a year now.  She posts them on our Facebook Page and on Pinterest.  Her most recent one was after a request for crystals to help a lady who had lost her confidence in riding her horse, but it applies equally well to metaphorically getting back in the saddle in life.

back in the saddle.jpg

Moldavite Jewellery

IMG_9055.JPGWe hand-picked a new collection of Moldavite jewellery last week, and I'm uploading them daily.

This collection of Moldavite jewellery is handcrafted using 925 Sterling Silver by a collective of like-minded people, who share a desire to work for the highest good of all. They managed to buy their own plot of land in the Czech Republic recently, and so now harvest and gather the pieces of Moldavite themselves, duly paying respect and appreciation to the Earth. We have been lucky to trade with them for over 12 years now, and enjoy each trip over to the UK that they make.

Gemstone Jewellery

a gem.jpg

We've had another delivery of hand-picked Gemstone Jewellery arrive.... hand-picked via the wonders of modern communication, and skills of a brother living abroad :)

New In

There's a colourful new selection of rocks in the shop, from the Bristol area, UK and abroad.  I'll be uploading them to the website later this week.












Simply Silver


Today we have the 'storm with no name' gusting at 50-70 mph, making getting about a bit challenging!

Meanwhile, in the warmth and safety of the shop, we've been welcoming new Symbolic Silver Jewellery that arrived with the winds.

Crystal Dishes




New in this week are these rainbow mosaic dishes for displaying your crystals.  They're available in the shop at £5.75, or by telephone order (£4.50 p&p within the UK).


Singing Bowls

Our slow boat from China made it over, bringing us over 30 Tibetan singing bowls which are now available in the shop or online.


Necklace Show

neck show.jpg

Crystal Hearts

We've served up a feast of crystal hearts so there's plenty to gift at Valentines, or treat yourself to a tactile hug in a stone.




We'll be rock spotting when Series 2 of Poldark airs, as we've been busily supplying rocks as props and set parts.

I think it's great that they're using proper Cornish pieces to enhance the authenticity of the show.

January Sale

Visit our Silver Charm Jewellery section to see our January Sale offer on 925 silver charm bracelets and charms. All the charms are now £4, making most of them less than half price :)

Opening Times

We hope you had a great Christmas. We're open today, 29th, and tomorrow and New Year's Eve. We'll close on New Year's Day, but be back again on Saturday 2nd January.

Christmas Late Night

We're open for Wadebridge Late Night Christmas Shopping tonight. Mince pies and rum, as well as our usual selection of gift ideas, on offer :)


We've extended our range of Cuff Links, adding Tri-planes, guitars, fish and Celtic designs.

2016 Approaching

We have the Bird & Bee Lunar Wheel posters in for 2016, and Astrocal Moon Diaries - both available on our website.

Regular Updates

What's new and chatty stuff from the shop now appears on our Rainbow Spirit Crystal Shop Facebook page. We also have our Showcase Group there, which features regular sales and promotions, including discounts and 'first viewing' posts.

Summer's Greetings

Hi, and thank you for reading our Blog.  I'm sorry if it seems a bit inactive.  That's because it's rather a clunky, old way of interacting - and we post daily on the social media likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This Friday we're holding an online Crystal Catwalk event to release and show off a new collection we've acquired.  Those taking part will be the first to see the minerals, crystals and healing tools, and can make the most of a 10% off list price offer when buying through the event.

I hope to see you there :)

Moldavite Jewellery

Beth hand picked a sumptious range of new Moldavite pendants and earrings yesterday, and they're online now :)@~~

Fathers' Day Rocks

CL09B.JPGIt's Father's Day on 21st June, and we've all sorts of gifts that would show him your appreciation.

Choose from our range of cuff links, a piece of Cornwall from our minerals, or how about a Mancave sign? (available in the shop or by phone - 01208 816554)


Back in Stock


We've more of these beautiful iridescent Ammolites back in stock :)


What's New

A new collection of Madagascan lovelies has filled up our 'What's New' section.

Studying Crystal Skulls

I am taking part in an Online Crystal Skulls Study Course by Earth Spirit.  It's week two now, and I'm finding it a wonderful experience, giving me the opportunity to revise and refresh my thinking and understanding of how we work with crystals, and deepening my love of crystal skulls.


I am keeping a blog, which you're more than welcome to read.

Keep Calm & Carry Amber


Keep Calm & Carry Amber wink emoticon

The rich yellow and orange tones and warm texture of amber has appealed to people for centuries. Fluid nodules of amber formed as fossilised resin from pines trees of the ancient landscape that emerged from the soil into rivers and were washed downstream to found along the coastline. It is associated with improved nerve and brain function, aiding clarity of mind, memory and a calm outlook.

Key Healing Properties: supports immune system; boosts vitality and energy; draws out infection.

I have written a meditation for Amber that connects you to the element of Earth, which you can find in our Crystal Meditations section.

Good News

You'll find details of our new crystals and jewellery here in our May newsletter :)

Wood & Crystal Wands

There's something quite magical about our new Wooden Twisted Wands ;)


New & Unusual

JP603t.jpgJP602t.jpgThere's some lovely new additions to our Silver Symbolic Jewellery  - including a small selection of earrings.

For the Girls

JP594t.jpgJP599t.jpgAfter yesterday's cuff links, we're back to Gemstone Pendants to adorn the ladies with Mystic Topaz, Tanzanite, Chakra pendants and many more.

And in the shop, we have a new range of earrings too....


CL02B.JPGWe've added a range of cufflinks today.

They're made by Dalaco of Devon, who give a 2 year guarantee on their quality cufflinks.  Choice between Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Tiger's Eye and Onyx and we also have Celtic design and St Piran's flag sets too :)

New In



Please remember to keep an eye on our 2015 Newbies section of the website.




I'm in the middle of a large upload of crystals, from High Vibrational Azeztulites, to grounding chunks of Hematite and Boji Stones :)


Tin Mines

ORN20b.JPGORN21b.jpgWe've found some lovely little pewter ornaments that are charismatic tin mine engine houses.

The larger one is £9 and the smaller is £7.

CDs Back :)

A box full of Sound Massage CDs just arrived!

This is the CD we play in our shop. It creates a balanced and peaceful atmosphere, holding people securely in the moment, whatever their mood. Each track is instrumental, with no spoken or sung words, only the celestial harmonies of Annette Reich's voice in perfect tune with Brigitte Hamm's playing of her crystal singing bowls.

Calling all Angels


We're so pleased with the response to our new Angel Bell necklaces, that we've added them to the website.
They're made with 925 Silver, gemstones, brass and resin, and each comes on its own suede necklace.
Prices £35 small, £45 large

Happy New Year

pendulum tree.jpg


As we gaze into the calendars and diaries, wondering what the year ahead holds for us, I often find the support of a pendulum useful.  We've a new selection of Crystal Pendulums online today biggrin.gif

Feeling Festive

late night.jpg


We're full of festive mood, with our Christmas lights and tree now twinkling away - and over on Facebook we've been running a series of Festive Giveaways.

We'll be open for the Wadebridge Late Night Shopping and Christmas this weekend - 12th & 13th December :)

festive giveaway3.jpg



The current one is for this Clear Quartz Angel pendulum (also available on our website).

Head on over to to join in.

Deep Purple

S916.JPGA box of deep purple, Uruguayan Amethyst just arrived, and is now added a splash of gorgeous colour around the shop.

I've also selected four pieces for the website :)

They're a burst of colour, and just the right size for cleansing tumble stones or small crystals.

Feeling Nostalgic



When I was young, a rock was lovely to me, whether it was a dusky lump of quartz on the beach, or a brightly coloured agate in a shop. When I trained in crystal healing, I became more discerning, and snubbed anything unnatural. 


IMG_5569.JPGWe welcomed these Agate bookends into the shop with a more sympathetic 'Live and Let Buy' approach, appreciating that some folks like them - but actually, I've fallen in love with them, in a nostalgic, retro 70's way.

We've a good choice of these Agate bookends in the shop now, at £19.50 a pair.

It's A New Dawn


We were treated to a stunning sunrise this morning, and could feel the drop in temperature, as forecast.  A thick frost decorated the fields and thoughts of the Winter festivities seem more appropriate now.

So we'll be putting on our Elfin hats and helping find gifts with meaning for your loved ones :)

Smells Good

IMG_5396.JPGHere's a new twist on home and healing room fragrance - Wax Melts. We tried them with a one hour tea light candle, and when it went out, the wax solidified again, ready for next time.
Instead of water and drops of oil in the dish - simply place a Wax Melt in, light the candle and it slowly dissolves, releasing the fragrance. They're made of soy and palm oil, which are odour free, and from ethical sources.  The soy is from beans and palm oil from coconuts.
ORN04t.jpgWe have packs of 6 Nag Champa hearts, and a Mixed Pack that contains two each of Lavendar, Nag Champa and Jasmine. 

Fire Guard

fire dog.jpg



Now the nights are getting longer and colder, we're enjoying cosy evenings planning new developments for this website (as well as just chillaxing ;) )

Our fire guard dog loves watching the flames as they flicker and dance.

So much more in store



How could we resist meeting with an old friend who makes stunning jewellery?  So another wave of Gemstone Jewellery has hit our website, and will be out in the shop (once the Display Team reconfigures the cabinets ;) )


JP538t.jpgJP554t.jpgTheir prices start from £10 because of their minimalistic silver setting. They've certainly widened our selection of crystals as jewellery, with more unusual stones like Chrysoprase, Elestial Amethyst, Ruby in Fuchsite included.

Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween from Witchy Beth and Ghost Rider Graham!

We hope you have a spooktacular time ;)

Camelford's Granite Poppy


Alongside our comrades in Moorlanders MCC, Widows Sons, friends and family from the community of Camelford, we attended the unveiling ceremony for the Granite Poppy last Sunday.


The Poppy is a 10ft high granite memorial, commemorating the centenary of the Great War, and the community wide project was spearheaded by my brother-in-law, Vaughan Williams (the man behind the scenes in my cheeky photo! ;) )


Cleanse & Clear




This gorgeous Smoky Quartz piece is a chunky cluster is a crystal comforter.

It has a gentle, cleansing nature that settles the soul and clears the mind, restoring inner peace.

So much Choice!



The virtual shelves of Gemstone Pendants are filled with a wonderful range of choices.

From Amethyst to Zircon, we now have beauties to suit most budgets and occasions.



From Asia with Love

a.JPGHow appropriate that our parcels from the East arrived on my birthday! ;)

Inside are a wonderful new range of gemstone pendants, silver charms and necklaces.

'Happy Birthday to meeee!'
hee hee

Wishful Thinking

On my morning walk through the woods, I was looking at the freshly fallen additions to Autumn carpet, and had a wishful thought about the sweet chestnut cases.....


We're doing something right

JP436.JPGWe received this lovely email from a customer who was happy for us to share her kind words, confirming that we're meeting our aim of providing gifts with meaning:

Dear Beth & Graham.


Thank you so much for your email explaining the stones on the lovely pendant, it really makes it very special.  We both thought you had a fantastic shop and we shall certainly pay you another visit when we are next in Wadebridge.   

Many thanks again for all your trouble.


Kind regards,



Starry Starry Quartz



There's a new collection of Hollandite, or Star Quartz on the website today.

It is Clear Quartz that has tiny inclusions of Goethite that form as little radial stars.

Hollandite is used with the Third Eye and Crown chakras, especially as an aid to meditation.  It is a stone of calm acceptance that aids rational thought.  It's also used for dispersing tension.

Look what's new

The Silver Symbolic Jewellery section has been restocked today, planting a virtual avenue of Tree of Life pendants, and adding these lovely new designs too:


Super Dooper!

IMG_4663.JPGThese Cacoxenite Super 7 handfuls are from one point that has been carefully sliced and polished on its inner surface.

They are available either as a pair, or individually.








Copy of HV117D.JPG




I've got that Friday feeling ... I'm seeing faces in crystals ;)

This is Cobaltite, and it's one of the new stones I'm adding to the website this weekend.

A Day of Fun

Graham and his friend John have been out on the motorcycle since dawn this morning, taking part in the Ural inter national Rally Day.  They're visiting sites of interest, collecting points for photos taken, waters traversed, pasties eaten, miles covered and all manner of adventures :)

a shop blog.jpg

Incense Cone Burners

ORN01.JPGORN02.JPGAs part of our expansion of the Cleansing & Meditation section of our website, we've added metal incense cone burners.

The Goddess is £16.50 and the Lotus Flower is £14.75.

Holiday Highs

ady family.jpgarchie.jpgAs August draws to a close, and we're moving closer to September, we're reflecting on a summer that has been plentiful in sunny days and lovely visitors.

Here's a couple of families who enjoyed meeting our large Russian meteorite.

Chakra Jewellery

JP436.JPGJP435.JPGWe're delighted with the new Chakra pendants we've added to the website today. 

They're set in 925 Sterling Silver, with multi gemstones corresponding to the seven main Chakras.


Colourful Chakras

WH001.jpgAdd colour with purpose to your healing room or study with this Chakra wall hanging.

It's a batik style wall hanging depicting the seven Chakra symbols.  It has a tab-top opening, that we have added a dowel rod with eyehooks and cord to hang it from. 

Available in the shop or online, it is £17.85.

The bowls, the bowls


We've just added three brass Tibetan singing bowls to the website.

Each one is a nice hand-hold size, which is good for being portable if you wish to take it with you to events and gathering.

They are hand beaten, so have warmth of character as well as tone.

Black Velvet

S892.JPGS892B.JPGVelvet Tourmaline is the name given to the stalactitic variety of Tourmaline - referring to its lustrous appearance, as it is not soft to the touch.

This piece is stunning from both views, with flowing stalactites rippling down the front, contrasting with the classic Tourmaline strands on the rear.

Twenty to 10


The 1st of July marks the start of our 10th year at Rainbow Spirit crystal shop!  The years have rolled by, and we've been lucky to have met so many great people and to have fostered and rehomed some wonderful minerals and crystals.

We'd like you to join in the celebrations, and have an Anniversary Selection, with a wide range of crystals at 10% discount.  This will have a choice of 20 pieces throughout July, so when one sells, we'll pick another piece to add to the selection.

Right now, I believe there's something for everyone - from tumble to investment pieces, Cornish specialities, hand carved crystal wand, crystal skull, large Ammonite pair .... I could go on, but I'll leave you to see for yourself

Making the Grade

S887B.JPGA couple of gem grade Amethyst pieces have just been uploaded to the website.

Saved from being cut for jewellery, they're a beauty to behold and deep in tone and vibration.

You'll find them in our Special Selection.

Hold a Candle

S883B.JPGS884B.JPGTwo Candle Quartz points have been added to the website today.

Candle Quartz are tactile and soothing to hold.  They are used for treatment of insulin regulation, and as a meditation aid for enhancing intuition and acknowledging soul purpose.

What a cutie!

F038.JPGHe may be a bug (this Trilobite, not Graham! ;) ) but he's rather a cutie, sat at a jaunty angle on his rock.

Trilobites are the most common fossil arthropods - meaning they have an exoskeleton, segmented body (head-thorax-tail) and jointed appendages.

They are the stones of leadership, promoting the patience and stamina required to govern/manage with perseverance and compassion. 

Looks like Jelly

S879B.JPGI've just uploaded three new Purple Fluorite specimens. 

They're from Frazer's Hush Mine in County Durham, and have such clarity that they look like jelly cubes (or maybe my mind is swayed by my need for a sugar hit!

Fluorite is found in blue, green, yellow, purple and banded. It forms in a cube on a cube mass, which is translated as symbolising structured thinking and the ability to change chaos into order. It relieves tension and is a stone of protection.

A Beautiful Spray

S871.JPGThere are several new mineral specimens on our website that have beautiful sprays of crystals.  I love studying the natural way they have formed across their matrix.

There is the Cornetite, on the left, a dark blue to blue-green Copper based mineral that occurs in only a handful of localities around the world.S872.JPG

The red crystals on the right are Cinnabar, which occurs where there has been recent volcanic activity, and  is mercury ore, so very toxic in raw form. They are associated with magic and transformation, gaining insight and manifesting prosperity.

How Many?!



This veritable rock party brings together Black Tourmaline, nestling with Garnets, leaning on white Albite, on a Mica filled matrix, and to top it off - a cute Quartz point that formed on the largest Tourmaline rod!

It's available at a reduced price of £26.50, that's 30% off it's previous price of £38.50.

Summer Solstice

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Summer Solstice xx


Crystal Pendulum

CP056.JPGVibrant Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and Smoky Quartz pendula (that is the plural of pendulum, I think!) are new on the website today.

There's also a cage pendulum, that comes with 7 crystal chips - one for each chakra.  How well balanced is that?! ;)

You'll find them in the Crystal Healing Tools section.


Using Crystal Wands

Here's a basic guide I have created as a poster, for working with Crystal Wands.

guide to wands.jpg

On Your Travels

may news 003.jpg

Egg Run Can't Be Beaten

egg2.jpgGraham and I had a wonderful Easter Sunday with our motorcycle club, Moorlanders MCC, holding our annual charity Egg Run.

Despite the forecast, and the heavy rain, a stream of hundreds of motorcycles flowed through North Cornwall, lead by Graham in his Russian motorbike and sidecar.egg3.jpg

Also braving the weather, residents of Camelford lined their high street to cheer the bikers on their way after they left Davidstow Airfield on a 60 mile journey firstly to the north coast, then down to Wadebridge, on to Bodmin, through St Neot and ending at Bowden Derra care home. There they were treated to warm and dry hospitality, enjoying a free burger for their valiant effort, and to officially open the specialised wheelchair swing that last year's Egg Run helped finance.

a6.jpgWe managed to raise over £4,000 for local children's charities, but are still collecting donations through our Just Giving page, should you be wishing to support us :)

We'd like to thank Widows Sons South West for helping marshal the run, and our corporate sponsors and the businesses of Camelford, Wadebridge, Launceston and St Austell for donating raffle prizes.

First Aid Crystals

may news 004.jpg

On Snapchat


Keeping up with modern trends - we're on Snapchat now!

You'll find us as 'cornishcrystals' :)


It Takes Two

I've been adding to the Crystal Sets section of our website daily with new Crystal Grids.

Here's my guide to what they're all about....


We all feel vulnerable at times, and look to crystals that provide comfort and protection.

Here's my guide to choosing a crystal companion ...

self protection.jpg

Stormy Weather

Our thoughts have been with Somerset, and the terrible flooding there, and with other parts of the country affected by the recent storms.

My sister and I headed to our childhood haunt of Daymer Bay to see the effects of the strong high tides..
bottles 004.jpgbottles 009.jpg







Something Special

S847t.JPGST411t.JPGI've got a new section on our website - called 'Special Selection', where I'm posting a hand-picked selection of crystals that particularly stand out for their beauty or energy.

I hope you enjoy looking in there grin.gif

Happy New Year!

May we wish you a very Happy New Year.

Thank you for your continued support in 2013.  Here's to a bright and happy 2014!

Make Way!

newsletternov 002.jpg

We've made a new section on the website for Silver Symbolic Jewellery :)

2014 Sorted

The Lunar Wheel poster has been our favourite Moon calendar for over a decade now, and we're pleased to annouce that the 2014 edition is now in the shop, and on the website :)


Bright & Beautiful


S831.JPGAll things bright and beautiful, all crystals great and small ... that's what we strive to bring you!

Here's some of the new items on our website.

We've new Moldavite pendants,
Faden Quartz, and other Crystal Specimens.




Tresure Hunt

Graham is out of the shop today, off on an adventure!


He's taking part in the Ural National Rally Day, a casual event taking place around the world, organised by an owner and enthusiast of the Ural motorbike & sidecar outfit like Graham's.

made it this far.JPGGraham and his side-kick for the day, John, will be on a tour of Cornwall, collecting points for visiting sites of interest, and completing tasks like a roadside wheel change, having a policeman in the sidecar and meeting an exotic creature!  The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre are on board, bringing (hopefully) a Golden Eagle out to meet them, and Classic Air Force, the aviation museum, have agreed for Graham to ride his outfit into their hanger to be photographed with their range of classic aircraft.  Wow!

its a ped zone.JPGPoints are also gained for eating out ... that's breakfast, lunch, local speciality (cream tea) and pie (pasty of course!)


Lunch stop was booked for The Granary here in Wadebridge, and extra points earnt while here for stopping on an old bridge and the wonderful local constabulary obliged by volunteering their Clive to take a seat in the sidecar.

on molesworth street.JPG





outside shop.JPG





The full story is over on our Club's website - Moorlanders MCC

High Days & Holidays

We've been enjoying the summer in the shop and Family days out.

Here's some of our photos..

blog folk.jpg


It was Wadebridge Folk Festival last weekend, bringing a musical and colourful array to the town.


Over the Bank Holiday we were out and about as a family, visiting Port Isaac and Boscastle.


blog coast path.jpg

blog outfit.jpg








blog pasty selfie.jpg


blog bos.jpg

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's all go here, with visitor numbers up on last year, and daughter's 18th birthday tomorrow!

We've so many new crystals and decorative items, that it's hard to choose which to show you.  Here's a quick look at some of them:



I'm looking forward to 2014 now, and loving the cover of next year's Earth Pathways Diary.  Those look just like the copse of trees on the A303 near Okehampton - one of my favourite sites on a journey upcountry.

We have these diaries in stock now, and at £13, we're cheaper than Amazon!!



keep out.JPG



I think this is 'Keep Out' skull and cross-bone sign is probably not best placed in our window display! ;)  Might give folks the wrong idea!

It's proving very popular with teenagers for their bedroom doors though!


fluor sphere street shot blog.JPG


I had to nip outside to take a photo of this new Fluorite sphere in sunlight to show its wonderful colouring and rainbow inclusions.  The shop lighting just wasn't doing it justice!

(Ok, so any excuse to be outside is good enough for me on sunny days like we're enjoying!)


I'm making daily posts of all the new stock on our Facebook page, so do pop over there to keep up-to-date :)

My Generator

S813t.JPGS815t.JPGA 'Generator Crystal', with equal faces and a central termination, is favoured for the centre of a crystal grid.

We've a collection of these crystals that have the added bonus of being Candle Quartz!

Have a Heart!




How are these for big hearted gifts?!

At 8cm high, and 4cm deep, these Carnelian and Septarian puff hearts are crystal delights.

Rumble in the Tumble


ST379t.JPGST385t.JPGA collection of large tumblestones from Madagascar has jostled things around in the virtual tumblestone cabinet.

There's Carnelian, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Labradorite and Clear Quartz.

Rolling Stones




There's a colourful range of new Crystal Balls in the shop, and now online too.

Happy 8th!




We've been celebrating our 8th Anniversary at Rainbow Spirit ... with rock cakes of course!!

The crystal for an 8th anniversary is Aventurine ... whose properties include - 'compassion, positivity, balancing male/female energies, decision making' .... hmmm, very appropriate!!!

We'd like to thank all our customers for your support over the years.


S802B.JPGThis beautiful Quartz point dances with rainbows, has tactile ridges and properties similar to the Lemurian Seed Crystals.

Large enough to more than fill a cupped hand, it has extraordinary clarity and a tranquil energy.

Bixbite's Alright

S803 blog.JPGS804 blog.JPGWe've some new, gemmy Bixbite crystals - the reddy pink variety of Beryl.

Bixbite links the heart and root chakras, simulating vitality, passion, self-esteem and courage.


S805 blog.JPGS806 blog.JPG


In my way of thinking, Quartz is the Labrador of crystals - it's growth moves slowly but steadily while other, more nimble varieties dart about vigorously. 

That's why there are so many different types of inclusions in Quartz.

Here's a couple of new examples, fresh to the website today.  Rutile Quartz on the left and Epitdote in Quartz on the right.

Crystal Grids

Beth has been sharing her Crystal Grids on Facebook.fol chakra.JPG

There's certainly an art to them.

charoite kyanite.JPG

Gemstone Jewellery

pendants.bmpThere's a colourful assortment of new gemstone pendants decorating the jewellery section of the website.

These include Malachite, Sugilite, Herkimer Diamond and the all time favourite - Rainbow Moonstone.

Also new in the shop are Mystic Topaz, Phantom Quartz and Moldavite pendants.

Blades of Glory

S799t.JPGS800t.JPGThese blue beauties are polished blades of gemmy Kyanite.

Kyanite assists in moving energy through the body, eliminating negativity and drawing in positivity. Kyanite is also used to activate and enhance psychic ability.

To the Power of 7

HV102B.JPGHV103B.JPGThere's a choice of three lovely Super Seven crystals on our website this month.

Super Seven is also known as the Melody Stone because of the findings she pulished about it.  The 7 are amethyst, smoky quartz, quartz, rutile, goethite, lepidocrosite and cacoxenite. 

Super Seven comprises 7 minerals in a combination is valued for its high vibration and deep healing ability on all levels and opening spiritual realities.

Cornish Points

KC324t.JPGKC325t.JPGWe've some lovely new Cornish Quartz Points.

They're from Colliford Lake, on Bodmin Moor.

Art Work

crystalise thinking.jpg

Beth's artwork for our Facebook page today  :o)@~~

Don't Worry, Be Happy Now

We've added our Guatemalan Worry Dolls to the website today.
worry dolls.JPG
These little folk have been a favourite of parents and children for years.

According to legend, Worry Dolls, tucked in their pouch under your pillow, take away fears and doubts while you're asleep.

Stockroom Selection

ss2.JPGss1.JPGHaving to do the annual stocktake gave me an idea.

There's now a Stockroom Selection section on our website,
where you'll find rarities and Special Offers :)


ST371t.JPGST372t.JPGThere's some new tumblestones, fresh onto the website on this cold.gif morning, adding a splash of colour.

These include Ruby in Quartz, Kyanite, Chrysoprase and Scolecite. grin.gif

Good day Sunshine

It's been so lovely to have glorious sunshine today that I took a break from writing this month's Newsletter and have a stroll around the town.

iphone 3245.jpg

It's good to see that, while the town is quieter in winter, there are plans and activities underway for the future.  I stopped on the old bridge, secured myself against the strong breeze up the Camel, and took this shot of the quayside development on the old Jewson's site.  After a few months of looking rather dolls' house and uninspiring, it's nice now to get an idea of what the finished project will look like.

Snow Cap

Cornwall has all but missed out on the snow, but we've certainly got very rock solid, icy ground, and just about enough of the white stuff to give Rough Tor an snow cap.

snowy rough tor.jpg


We've managed to get some more Auralite!

auralites adrian.JPG

Auralite is a specific variety of chevron Amethyst from the Aurora Amethyst Mine in Ontario, Canada.  Auralite is valued because it formed in an area that was subject to great, Earth-forming events 1.1 billion years ago.  This resulted in the chevron bands being seen as simliar to tree rings, each colour change marking a step in the formation of the North American continent.  It is also known as Auralite 23 because of the exceptional amount of potent minerals that are included in these crystals.

They have been identified as: Adularia, Bornite, Cacoxenite, Chalcopyrite, Covellite, Epidote, Goethite, Hematite, Pyrite, Gold,  Lepidocrocite, Silver, Platinum, Uranopilite, Sphalerite, Copper, Limonite,  Pyrolusite, Magnetite, Rutile and Titanite.

These are not yet on the website, so phone us on 01208 816554 to secure one.

The New Mini



Minimising on the silver to have wonderful stone quality in a reasonable budget, we've a new range of gemstone pendants w00t.gif


Christmas Baubles

blog KPB.JPG

blog KPI.JPG


A wonderful new selection of silver gemstone pendants has been put onto the website today - just ripe and ready for adorning beauitful ladies at this festive time of year.





blog KPH.JPG

blog KPW.JPG


Choose from Turquoise, Labradorite, Russian Moonstone, Ruby in Zoisite and Opalised Sea Fossil.

It's Beginning to Look alot


blog dogs.jpg

There's Christmas lights and festive decorations aplenty in Wadebridge now. 
The 3 Wise Russells were rather interested in them too!

blog front.jpg
Here at Rainbow Spirit, Graham has work his magic on our window and inside the shop to bring twinkling lights and sparkling stars to life.

blog window.jpg





We'll be open for Late Night Shopping in Wadebridge this Friday (14th December).


Ah, Oops!

Just when we thought we were all done buying crystals this side of Christmas, and we were presented with a box of joy we couldn't resist!  I'll let them speak for themselves in pictures ..






















New Hellooo

a aegirine.JPGa chrome diopside.JPG


There's been a flurry of new crystals online.

Look out for


Chrome Diopside


a tugtupite.JPGa gel lithium silica.JPGGel Lithium Silica




Skulls & Stockings

a new stock.jpg

tree.gifWe've stocked up on stocking fillers - ready for the Christmas shopping events.

The Howlite skull bracelets have proved so popular, that we've added them online too thumbup.gif


weather072.giftake care.jpg


The rivers and streams are certainly running high after the rain we've had, but we've been saved any flooding.

Our thoughts are with those affected.

We're more effected by the wind - which keeps blowing leaves into our hallway, giving Graham a never-ending task of keeping it clear icon_razz.gif

Sing Angelic Host

I've just been in the online Crystal Carvings cabinet, told some hearts to budge up whip_a.gif and helped some new hand-carved angels nestle in grin.gif

Tumble First




Well, we're underway with the latest upload, and first on the scene are the tumblestones.



ST358B.JPGST363B.JPGThere's some gorgeous Botswana Agates, Rhodochrosite, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Petalite, Mookite .... oooh! The list goes on and on!

They Keep on Coming

We never stop restocking and finding new beauties.  Here's a look at some of the pieces we'll be adding to the website soon   :)@~~~

lattitude new in.jpg

Making an Entrance



There's a lovely collection of new crystals that I've been uploading to the Crystal Specimens section today




S736C.JPGS744B.JPGAmong the stunners are these pieces of Celestite, Smoky Quartz, Chrysocolla and purple Fluorite



Moon Calendars

lw2013.jpgWe're pleased to say that the 2013 Lunar calendar are in stock grin.gif

We've stayed with our long term favourite -
the Lunar Wheel by Bird and Bee.

It shows the phases of the moon through the year, depicting each month day by day in a spiral arm of the wheel.  The moom names, times, eclipses, solistices and equinoxes are detailed and given in GMT.  It's beautiful artwork in its own right, and handy for keeping on track with the best day for cleansing crystals.



iphone 2625.jpg

Youngest daughter and I had a great weekend at the YerTiz bike rally organised by the local Motorcycle Action Group.

We headed up on Friday afternoon, and pitched our family tent on the practice pitch at North Tawton Rugby Club, alongside about 100 others.

It was a relaxed, fun and family friendly weekend - well organised and run by Devon MAG.  We're already looking forward to next year's!

iphone 2538.jpg



Wasn't the Harvest Moon amazing?!

While the Cat's Away

Graham's off camping this weekend, giving me the excuse for a little time off icon_razz.gif

So I headed down to Mevagissey with a daughter, for fish 'n' chips by the sea hungry.gif

iphone 2522.jpg

Brilliant sunshine shone down on us icon_cool.gif

iphone 2523.jpg

making it the most perfect day for relaxing at taking some photos.

Mandalas of Joy

I treated myself to some playtime after that big upload, making madalas with the photos of the pendants and tumblestones




fruit salad.jpg

Keep 'em Coming

me work 2.JPG

After a lovely, relaxed weekend, I'm back on the case, and uploading more of our Madagascan hoard.

There's also some pieces from further afield that we collected over the summer - such as these Blues Sisters ;)

blues sisters.jpg


Hearty Feast

After a long, dry summer (shock.gifwell, as far as buying new crystals goes!), we're now brimming over with goodies to squeeze into the cabinets and upload to the website.

First up .... Crystal Carvings heartsgrin.gif


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Rolling in today are the new Crystal Ballsthumbup.gif


Give me a High Vibe




Need a little fireworks.gif?


The High Vibrational cabinet is buzzing again, thanks to new pieces of Azeztulite and Terraluminite grin.gif

Oooh! What a Pair!





Over in the Fossils Cabinet, we've topped up on Ammonite Pairs :)

Get Bronzed!

bronze in new black t.JPG


This summer, we've added Bronze jewellery to our range.

Here's a quick look at some of the designs, in  a photo I just took on top of the counter.

They range in price from £7 to £9.50, making bronze the new black (or rather, silver!) icon_razz.gif

You'll only find them in the shop (not online yet) - so give us a call if you'd like one sent out.

Following Yonder Star


I was amused to realise we have Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh now in the shop 60.gif

We've not put the resins online yet, as they're only £1.50 a bag (around 25g) - but you can order them by giving us a ring in the shop (01208 816554)

è finito



And with a rumble of large tumble stones rolling online, I'm pleased to say I've completed the major upload of new stock for the summer biggrin.gif

Bzzzz Bzzzzt




I've been in the High Vibrational cabinet again! wink.gif

There's a nice smattering of Ussingite, Azeztulite, Nuummite and newbies Cryolite and Healer's Gold.

Something's Been Missing

yellow apatite.JPGWe've not had any Yellow Apatites for a while, till today, when the postman delivered a little parcel with 4 little beauties in it.

They've missed the main photo session, so if you need one, please call us (01208 816554) and we'll take your order over the phone thumbup.gif

More Affordable




If you're wanting to discover Moldavite, but put off by the price, you'll be pleased to know that Beth hand picked some lovely, smaller pieces that are in the price range of tumble stones :o)@~~


Angelic Host

CC237t.JPGCC235t.JPGIn complete contrast to me, flapping my wings like a busy bee, are a new range of hand carved Crystal Angels which I've just uploaded.

I think I should tarry a while with them, and learn from their peace and wisdom :)


We nearly disappeared behind a pile of boxes last week - having ordered new stock for all sections of the shop!

There's new tarot cards, such as the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue, a fantastic variety of dream catchers, purses, pouches, bracelets, wind chimes, dragons, salt lamps ... I'm giving myself whip lash just looking round the shop to see what else to mention! ;)

We've selected the best pieces of crystal and minerals for the website - and Graham and I are working our way through the photographing and uploading process now :)

Here's a sneak peak at some of the goodies coming up :)








Slow Man at Work

For rather a long time now, we've had some empty cabinets at the end of the shop - in which Graham had placed 'Slow Man at Work' and 'Very Slow Man at Work' signs in.

Well, (drum roll please!) - They're full of crystals now!!!

iphone 1301.jpg

Jubilee Celebrations

555319_10150924946802436_1321784353_n[1].jpgWe hope you're enjoying the Jubilee Celebrations.

Wadebridge is looking bright and inviting, with bunting decorating buildings and streets.

The Big Jubilee Lunch was held on Sunday - sadly a rainy day, but plenty of people came out to enjoy each other's company.




Phew it's Hot!

We're loving the sunshine!  It makes me want to get some of my Quartz beds outside to bask in it ..... and maybe hang out with them and sunbathe a while! 60.gif

There's something very cooling and refreshing about a clear quartz bed, with it's icicle like points.  You can understand why the Greeks called it 'krystalos', meaning 'solid ice'!

clear quartz 24 june.jpg

Out and About



Last weekend we took full advantage of the longer evenings and dry, sunny weather to enjoy being here in Cornwall.

There are more photos in an album on Facebook too.

On Saturday evening we headed out in Graham's motorbike & sidecar.





We went over the Moor to meet up with friends - and also met a sheep in the road ... as you do!  She was as surprised as us, and very grateful that Graham escorted her back into her field.

Then we headed up the A39, to Poughill, just north of Bude.

The roads were wonderfully quiet (thank you football!!), and we enjoyed a glorious sunset.  It was a giant red orb :)

Very good for the soul! ;)



Make Way!

KC314C.JPGThere's a lovely range of Cornish Quartz pieces new to the website this week.


There's a stunning cluster from Treviscoe, St Austell, with all the Clay Country traits of milking coating and Hematite red tints.






Another cluster, from Wheal Jane, Truro sparkles and has Chalcopyrite adornments.


KC317.JPGThere's also new Amethyst from the former Clay Pit, Parson's Park on Bodmin Moor.


And Smoky/Amethyst from Higher Fradon, Indian Queens.


Why not have a wander over the the Cornish Crystals section?

This Week's Special Offer



This week, our Special Offer is 25% off Clear Quartz Crystal Balls.

Maybe this is the ideal opportunity for you to have and to hold you're own crystal ball :)


May Day!

iphone 896.jpg


Hurray for May Day! - and the glorious sunshine we've been enjoying today!

This photo was texted over from my daughter in Padstow, to share the energy of their Obby Oss celebrations ... Ah, there's nothing like remote control parenting ... ;)

Whether you're celebrating the fire festival of Beltane today - or just looking forward to the merry month of May - best bright blessings to you all :)

Blowing Bubbles


We've blown the top off the price on Bubble Quartz this week!

Quartz with cavities filled with liquid are better known as Enhydro - and they are full and fantastic at the same time.

Have a look :)

Offer ends midnight on 1st May 2012

Wedded Bliss

Wedded Bliss.jpgWith the knot-tying season approaching, we've put together a Chakra Crystal Set for Wedded Bliss.

It's made up of tumble stones, one for each of the main Chakras, and all chosen for their healing properties and carefully selected to complement each other and to provide balance and cleansing in specific relation to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of fostering a harmonious relationship.

The set includes the seven stones and a pouch, and comes in a box set with information (shown right) to explain each stone.


You've got to be Joking!

sale AS020.jpg

sale AS022.jpg


No - we're not!

We're having a 50% off sale on our Libyan Desert Glass for a limited period, giving you the ideal opportunity to have and to hold your own piece of this magical stone.

 Libyan Desert Glass has been revered for generations.  It is the yellow variant of Tektite that contains golden hues from the Sahara Desert where it was formed by the heat from the explosion of a meteorite over the desert. It was prized for carvings and jewellery for many centuries, including the funerary necklace of King Tutankhamen. It is a strong energiser; aids manifestation of a goal and is used for stomach and digestive complaints and arthritis.


JP342t.JPGJP336t.JPGThe Silver Gemstone Pendants are next in line for new stock.

Chose from a fresh new selection, including Kunzite, Blue Lace Agate and Aquamarine

Blaze of Glory

S675B.JPGS676.JPGIt's not only the sun that's been radiant this week .... There's a selection of stunning natural Citrine points that are sparkling in the cabinets.

They are now online grin.gif

Most Inviting Moldavite

AP087 blog.JPG

AP090 blog.JPG



There's a new range of more affordable Moldavite pendants now online.


Glittering Fossils


It's been a long time since we last had Pyritised Ammonites, so I was really pleased to be able to get these for your delight.




It's the turn of the online Wands cabinet to have an upload, so you can weild your magic with new energy fireworks.gif

New Crystal Carvings

CC223t.JPGCC216t.JPGThere's a lovely new collection of Crystal Carvings in.

I'm getting them all loaded up at the moment.

Railway Siding

ETS48.JPGETS45B.JPGIt's like there's a little railway siding in the Treseder Collection, as an interesting group of them were gathered from Meldon Railway Quarry in Okehampton, Devon.

They're everyday crystals we know and love, like Prehnite and Tourmaline, but with the added qualities of being from home ground.

Cornish More

ETK20B.JPGETK16B.JPGThere's a new clutch of Cornish pieces that I've just uploaded to the Treseder Collection.

This include a beautiful and solid chunk of Goethite, sparkling Gilbertite with Black Tourmaline.

There's also some attractive and intreguing pieces that are fine Apatite crystals that are epimorphs - meaning they incrusted the space left by another mineral, in this case Chalcopyrite, while it was decomposing.


Happy St Piran's Day

There's much flag waving and good heartedness today, as many celebrate St Piran's Day by marching through Truro or Bodmin, baking pasties, or simply raising a local pint!

We'd like to wish you a Happy St Piran's Day by giving away a free Cornish crystal with every order received today.  (We'll hand pick a piece for you, based on what's in your order, so there's no duplicates grin.gif )

Let's Get Quizical

Beth's outdone herself this week with quizzes on our Facebook page.

There's 'Fun with Thermals' where you guess the crystal based on a thermal effect image for each.

Then she moved onto a 'Pixelation Crystal Quiz' - can you identify a crystal from it's pixelated photo?

An the one that's running at the moment is her 'A-Z of Crystals Quiz' - that's right, one for each letter of the alphabet, but can you guess what they all are?

Have fun!!

Trials & Tribulations


A Launceston based motorcycle held a trials event on farmland over Bodmin Moor yesterday, and Graham went along for his first forray into the world of competitive trials.

The girls and I went along for what turned out to be a beautiful, sunny walk around a beautiful part of the county.  It wasn't only Graham that was playing in the streams and around the woods!



Did You Miss Us?

It was with some shock.gif that I found our website was off line on Saturday morning.  I thought I'd give it a while, but confused.gif no, it wasn't going to be a short downtime.  By Monday morning, you can imagine, I was getting cursing_a.gif!  After a bit of argh.gif and some whip_a.gif in the right direction .... we're back and running grin.gif, and on a shiny new server thumbup.gif

Sorry if you worried where we were!

New News

newsletter feb 2012.JPG


Now that the E. S. Treseder collection has been looked after, I've managed to write this month's Newsletter.

I hope you enjoy reading iticon_cool.gif

Tweet Tweet


A little birdy told me that we're on Twitter ... or to be more accurate, Beth's tweeting and twittering as Rainbow Spirit Shop now.

I'm more one for find someone, talk to them d'rect ... but can see what great photos and quips she's making, and can see the fun of it.

Happy Valentine's Day



We hope you get your heart's desire this Valentine's Day! love1.gif

Where there's Muck

ETS06t.JPGETS13t.JPG...there's brass, which in crystal terms translates as Chalco ... meaning 'brassy looking'.  That's why you'll have the same prefix for minerals that have different metalic composition.... Chalopyrite (iron based) Chalcosiderite (copper) Chalcosite (lead).

Well, that cleared up a confusion for me ... but maybe started a new one for you!  The reason being is that part of the new collection we bought recently has many of these Chalco pieces.

I've started a new section to the website, so you can find the online selection of the E. S. Treseder collection all in one place.

Hands that do Dishes


I've had my hands in hot, soapy water for the last few hours, cleaning up this little collection of beauties that we bought last week.

They're from a geologist who worked locally and mainly in Zambia - so a plentitude of Malachite specimens, but also some rather unusual combinations, like Chalcopyrite & Quartz and Bornite & Quartz.

They're all getting the Holtum Highlights special wash - and will be sparkling and priced up by the end of the week.

and Happy New Year!

Welcome back after the Christmas and New Year break biggrin.gif

We really enjoyed our break, and are back and ready to tackle whatever 2012 brings our way

I've just sent out our January Newsletter, and hope you find it interesting.

Keep warm and safe! cold.gif

Beth x

Merry Christmas!


At the risk of sounding like I'm singing - We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

We're open today, Christmas Eve, until about 2 pm, then it's fun festivities chez Holtum's until after the bank holidays.

I've put a Christmas Quiz onto our Facebook page - which tests your knowledge of the Moh's Scale of hardness of crystals, so head over there to take part.

tree.gif  Have a wonderful time.  See you on Wednesday 28th wave.gif

Last Post

pressie.gifDecember has raced by and here we are, Solstice Day, and very close to the last day for posting parcels to arrive before Christmas.

The last day Royal Mail say they will guarantee post arriving by Christmas Eve is tomorrow - Thursday 22nd December.

Please place orders by 2 pm.

Happy Solstice all!  :)   sparklywreath.gif

Mwah Mwah

staurolite cross.jpg


Staurolite forms naturally in a cross shape, twin crystal - commonly known as Fairy Crosses - but to me they're crystal kisses, just right as a gift for a loved one santaho.gif

We had some last month, and they were sold so quickly that we've restocked.  They're not listed individually, as we're a bit pushed for time to photograph them all.

We'll hand pick one for you when you place your order.

More, more, more

The High Vibrational cabinet is now brimming with goodies.  I've just added more Sanda Rosa Azeztulite, Covellite and Herderite.... and treated myself to time making a mandala of them all :)

high vibe mandala blog.jpg

Space Rocks



Tibetan Tektite is a rarer, browner variety of the glass crystal that was formed by meteoric activity in our atmosphere.

There's a new selection of Tibetan Tektites just added to the website.



There's an angel party going on in the Crystal Carvings section! laughing.gif

Baubles & Shinies



There's a multitude of beautiful and shiny new pendants in the shop, and now online too.



JP330t.JPGAs well as the seasoned favourites of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, etc, there's also a new range of Chakra Multistone pendants biggrin.gif


Beach Walk

daymer7.jpgIt was so lovely and sunny on Sunday morning, so my sister and I grabbed wellies, dogs and daughters and headed over to our childhood haunt - Daymer Bay.

I haven't been for a while, so spotted the new coastal errosion instantly, being so familiar with the beach. 


daymer6.jpgA large slate chunk of Brea Hill had slid gracefully down and is now stacked on the beach. 


Facinating to look at, but a reminder of the forces of nature and how the coastline is forever changing shape.


Of course, while I was pondering the larger issues ... the girls and dogs were having a whale of a time wearing themselves out!

We headed home fresh-faced and sea-breeze weary.


What's to Tell

tumble mandala blog.jpg

Ok - So I've gone a bit OTT with my joy of having finished uploading all the tumblestones ... and expressed it in a mandala!

I confess I'm kinda looking forward to a day off tomorrow!  shock.gif  It's been a hectic week with over 100 new pieces to upload, and yet more new stones to meet & greet.

After my overdose of High Vibrational stones, I've had a more calming time with the new Tumblestones.  thumbup.gif

As well as restocking regular tumblestone favourites, we've also added Green Kyanite, Anthracite, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Kunzite .... (hold on while I remind myself ...) ... Pyrolusite, Rhodochrosite and Thulite.

I s'pose there'll be those that say you're spoilt for choice now! wink.gif


Palm Tingling




I thought I was having a busy week, then realised I've been handling so many High Vibrational stones this week that I'm buzzing - and have been adding to the to-do list with all the extra 'oooh, I could do that's!!!


Hanging in the Balance





Pendulums swing in and out of the shop so quickly that it's hard to keep that section of the website up-to-date, but we've added a few more - and you can always ring or email us if you'd like something particular 02.gif

Let's Get Quizical

bnw agate.jpgbnw moldavite.jpgIf you're up for testing your crystal knowledge, I've just started a new quiz over on our facebook page.

It's a Monochrome Quiz - so all the photos of crystals are black and white.

Can you identify them without using colour? 02.gif


(I've posted the answers here)

Hearts Desire

There's a hearty feast to tuck into in the Crystal Carvings section today!



There's new carved hearts in Pyrite, Selenite and a stunning, rainbow-filled Clear Quartz one

Welcome Aboard

S632B.JPGThere's been another rush of activity in the engine room here.  Beth's just uploaded the last of the latest crystals ready for the website.

In amongst these are two clusters of Creedite, which hits the mark for those after a attractive and rare addition to a cabinet brimming with specimens jostling for position, or for those seeking the high vibrational buzz.

Rough with the Smooth


JP311B.JPGI've just uploaded a fun, new range of pendants.

They are double sided - each having a highly polished side that shows the crystal in it's full glory, and the reverse is smooth but natural.








We were glad to find them, as it's not often pendants are suitable for men, as well as women who like rough and ready ;)



Fun with Friends

mcc bonfire5.jpg

mcc bonfire4.jpg

Our motorcycle club meeting went according to plan, with clear skies and brilliant shining Moon for our 5th of November get-together.


Hosted by Club friends who have a large field for a garden on the Moor, we treated ourselves to hot soup, a warming bonfire, a few fireworks and sparklers for the kids.

mcc bonfire7.jpg




mcc bonfire6.jpg

mcc bonfire3.jpg







mcc bonfire2.jpgmcc bonfire1.jpg


Our man Cokes put on another grand display of his circus skills with flaming batons and swords of fire - and without singeing a single eyebrow!


jp042.jpgThinking of the bonfire weekend ahead, Greek word for fire - 'pyr' is a prefix for several crystals.

The first that will spring to mind (don't all shout out at once!) is Pyrite - with its golden cubes.

S192.jpgThen there's Pyromorphite, often occuring as a green swathe of crystals, strewn across a rock like a minature forest.

Pyrrhotite, a lusterous metalic crystal, is an iron derivative, and its name means 'flame coloured'.

S541t.JPGand then there's Pyrolusite - that forms as silvery fans or ocean bed nodules.

Be safe and have fun!

Happy Halloween



We've just had two little girls into the shop who were dressed up as black cats.  I think they were all set for trick-or-treating already!!

Have a Happy Halloween everyone icon_biggrin2.gif

If you go down to the woods

holtum woods.jpgThere's a little woodland that we manage near our house, and Graham has made a simple track down one side by the road to trundle through on his old trials bike.

Rather appropriate - as his surname is 'Holt' - woods 'um' - man ... Man of the Woods!! 60.gif

Still at it

I must've locked Graham away in that photo studio for too long, icon_redface.gif as in a lull inbetween flash floods of Halloween half term visitors, I found there's still heaps of crystal waiting for me to put them online.14.gif

So... presenting.gifmay I proudly present to you the latest additions that I've uploaded today.

There's a range of Aqua Aura points, some Dravides (Brown Tourmaline), Bixbite, Herderite ...






well, there's so many that I best be getting on and writing November's newsletter so you can read more about them!!!

Half Term Outings

trebar 2.jpgI've been lucky to enjoy a busy half term in the shop this week, and on the home front, with the girls off school and my sister down from Suffolk to stay with us.

We headed over to Trebarwith Strand today for a pasty and beach walk.

Trebarwith has been one of my favourite beaches since I was a tiddler.

I love the way the slate entrance to the beach is continually changing shape as the stream runs down from the valley and meets the tidal flow of the sea.

trebar 1.jpg



The shapes carved in the slate by the stream and sea are natural artwork!




trebar 3.jpgAnd the high cliffs with open mouthed caves give a complete perspective on how big we really are!!!

Good Vibrations

HV032C.JPGHV035B.JPGThe High Vibrational crystals section is buzzing away now that I've added several block buster pieces.

There's Ajoite in Quartz, and Phenacite crystal, Satyaloka Quartz and Satya Mani Quartz....


and all those just after working with the Moldavites ... I'm a bit shock.gif 60.gif

Rough Stuff


Following in the astral cloud of Moldavite pendants, I've just uploaded a clutch of rough Moldavite pieces ... and one oober special cut and faceted Moldavite gem! biggrin.gif

With prices starting from £9.00, we hope we've provided a choice to suit all budgets.

You can find all the new pieces in our Moldavite & Astral Stones section - or see them as a group by themselves in a new album on our facebook photos.

Wheely Good Idea




I'm really pleased to say that the Lunar Wheel wall calendar for 2012 is now in the shop.

This is a firm favourite that we've been stocking for years thumbup.gif

Dawning of a New Month

For me, the start of October (my birthday month dance.gif) dawned with this amazing sunrise:


which then brightened to this:

and has placed a contented smile on my face that will last a good while biggrin.gif

Rolling In



Today I've turned my attention to the Crystal Balls section of the website, and boosted the display with a new selection from Madagascar dance.gif

Enjoy gazing thumbup.gif


S597C.JPGFrom young children to the young at heart - there's a joy for all in discovering little critters suspended in annimation, held within a piece of Copal or Amber.

The golden tones of these resinous stones makes them treasures in their own right, but the addition of insect inclusions gives them even greater appeal.

I've just popped a new selection online icon_cool.gif

There's More



Well, we've been busy! imagesCA204Y9W.jpg & geek.gif 

The virtual shelf for Ammonites has been restocked, and you can find them in the Fossils section.




We've added to the Moldavite pendants with a stunning new range.

Alongside some beautiful pendants that are purely Moldavite, there's new multistone pendants that are mouth-wateringly lovely!




After the busy-ness of the summer season, we're now catching up with ourselves.

Beth's been busy getting all the new stock onto the website and has now written a newsletter which you can see by clicking here.




New to the website is Violan - a variety of Diopside that forms in purple to blue colours.

Violan is gentle healer and immune system booster, resonnating with the whole body, effective on muscular disorders, communication difficulties (including Asperger's syndrome and autism - or in emotional healing to ease expression of lose or abuse).

Summer's Lease



As leaves start to turn to autumnal shades, and a few trees have decorated the sky with their cast-offs, we've noticed the seasonal adjustment in the town - with families heading back upcountry in time for the new term.

A quieter town has given us the opportunity to photograph and upload some of the new pieces we've been too busy to show you.


First through the virtual door are the tumble stones, with a beautiful variety of colours.

Gone Quiet

Things have been rather hectic in the shop with all the summer visitors to the area, so I've not been at my keyboard so much - but never fear, we're alive and healthy biggrin.gif , and have managed to fit in buying lots of new jewellery and crystals in some how!

Here's a peek at the new pendants that you can find in the shop at the moment:DSC_0945.jpgnew nick.JPG

Block Buster

Block Buster.jpgThis summer, I thought I'd offer a Block Buster - which is a combination treatment of a Crystal Card Reading, followed by an Indian Head Massage for the combo price of £35.

What better way to shift energetic and emotional blocks that have built up over the first half of the year?!

Relax in our Healing Room, while I guide you though a multi-dimensional card reading, drawing information from intuition and knowledge of the Chakras and the elements (earth, fire, air, water) as well as the qualities of the individual stone depicted.

Afterwards, remain in the chair for an Indian Head Massage to relieve muscular, emotional and energetic tension - leaving you in a blissful state of relaxation.

Please phone us on 01208 816554 if you'd like to book an appointment.

The Big One



I couldn't resist popping by the Blogstone to show you this piece of Moldavite that I've just uploaded!

It's large (at 23 grams and an inch and a half long), and completely stunning, with depth of colour and vibration.

I confess I'm just going to gaze at it for a while .... icon_cool.gif

Looking Ahead

The beautiful Earth Pathways Diary for 2012 has just come into the shop.

This informative diary has wonderful artwork and contributions from people all over Britain, and it's become a favourite to many.

Look out for a copy when you're next in the shop biggrin.gif

And this ... just in

We've indulged in lots of wonderful new pieces for the website, and I've been adding them online over the last week or so.

You can see the pick of the bunch on our Facebook album - where I get to upload larger pictures that on here biggrin.gif

Will she jump?

... or will she need a push?  Beth will be taking part in a sponsored abseil from the top of White River Place shopping centre in St Austell on 4th June.  She'll be one of a select (and brave) number from the Moorlanders MCC. 

The event aims to raise money for developing the new children's hospice - Little Harbour, which had it's last tile recently laid.

223252_2017570157386_1187848061_2474159_282358_n.jpgOn May bank holiday we went to the Children's Hospice South West facilities in Bideford to hand out chocolate eggs collected at our Club's Egg Run. 

We were all so impressed with the level and quality of care provided to families with life limited children, that we decided to include them as a chosen charity for next year's Egg Run.

Beth has created a page for collecting money for Children's Hospice South West, so if you feel you can, please do sponsor her.

More on

CC183t.JPGCS099t.JPGHere's a selection of other new items online.

There's more in the Crystal Carvings and Crystal Balls sections, as well as several additions to the Crystal SpecimensS568A.JPG

News on News



There's been a flurry of activity, adding a beautiful selection of new wares to the Pendants section of the website biggrin.gif



At the end of every month, Beth acts a little strangely ... making fertive notes, and staring off into space in pensive mode.

I've learnt that this is her way of preparing to write the monthly Newsletter for Rainbow Spirit!

If you haven't signed up to receive it by email, there's a link to do so the right-hand margin of our website, or click here.

Spring into Cornwall

bike-037.gifbiggrin.gif Despite feeling a bit jet lagged by the hour change, we've big grins on our faces from a wonderful sunny weekend, when we made full use of the weather and got the motorbikes back out on the road.


Graham headed out on Friday to get his Royal Enfield MOT'd

Then on Sunday, the Ural motorbike and sidecar had it's first run this year.

blossom2.jpgWe headed over to Boscastle, with my youngest daughter taking her maiden voyage in the sidecar. (Graham kindly mentioned how much nippier the bike ran with a lighter weight onboard shock.gif laughing.gif )


blossom1.jpgCornwall is always beautiful - more so after the warm weather we've had this week has pressed the fast forward button on nature, with bulbs popping up and trees springing to life everywhere!

In the County




I've added the new Cornish pieces to the website today.



These include some rugged Goethite, beautiful Natrolite and a stunning Quartz bed that has a Pyrite sparkle :)


Way down West



I've just uploaded a collection of Botallackite from St Just biggrin.gif

This vibrant bluey-green mineral is named after the Botallack Mine, often photographed for its evocative coastal location.

The UK Rocks!



Graham's made his way through the new boxes from the old collection we've been slowly acquiring, so I'm chained to the computer getting them all uploaded.

SDC61t.JPGFirst up are the pieces from our shores, Fluorite & Baryte from Derbyshire, Celestite from Chipping Sodbury, some lovely pieces of Gloucestershire Calcite and an outsized Mendip Potato biggrin.gif

You'll find them in the Crystals from the UK and Ireland section

Sphere Ere

CS091t.JPGCS095t.JPGA multitude of spheres have rolled into the Crystal Balls section of the website today biggrin.gif

CS094t.JPG                                   CS096t.JPG

Polished Off

ST173t.JPGST179t.JPGThe new Madagascan tumble stones, polished to perfection, are now online.  We're really motoring today! dance.gif


Oops, I nearly forgot!

In my excitement over the new Madagascan lovelies, I completely forgot about the box of Cyanotrichite that we acquired on Saturday.  Its crystals form as blue balls of fluff!!

I've yet to write up about this crystal, but here's some photos for now...
cyanotrichite 2.JPGCyanotrichite 1.JPG

New Rocks :)

Not necessarily the first thing you'd think of doing on Valentine's Day, but I spent yesterday in all weathers (rain, wind, sun, hail!) standing in a car park, choosing beautiful polished rocks from Madagascar.

Here's some of the fruits of my labours:
14 feb 1.JPG14 feb 3.JPG







I'll be banishing Graham to his photo studio soon so we can get these all online laughing.gif

For now, you can see more, and in larger format, on our Facebook page biggrin.gif

Fresh Start

I was lucky enough to enjoy and capture the sunrise this morning.


It seemed to reflect the rising energy - with the sighting of my first daffodill on the way into work, and the general mood and well-being of all around.

I know it's too early to mention Spring - but it certainly feels like we've been enjoying a spell of better weather thumbup.gif

Flying Out




The High Vibrational crystal section that Beth recently added has been rather busy this month, so we're aware we need to get restocking soon.

If you have any specific needs of requests, please don't hesitate in sending us an email.


moon ride home.jpg


We couldn't belive the size of the Moon on our way home last night!

It was so low and bright.
moon over field.JPG




The sky stayed clear through till the morning, so I was able to enjoy a dog walk in the evening with the Moon's company

Morning Moon.jpg




and it was there again when I went out to open up the chicken run biggrin.gif


It nearly made Moonstone pale in comparison!!

You gotta love him

P1090153.JPGWith the Christmas decorations now safely packed away, Graham's set about making the shop look fresh for the new year.

This afternoon he's created a beautiful new display of the trinket boxes and t-lights icon_yess-1.gif

Happy New Year!

Greetings on 1/1/11!  We're not sure whether to call this new year 'two thousand and eleven' or 'twenty eleven' ..... and will probably use both!!  biggrin.gif

We hope you enjoyed the festivities of last night's celebrations.

Today I think of as Moonstone Day - as it is the stone of new beginnings, easing stress and strengthening inner peace.

May 2011 bring you all happiness group.gif

Inbetween Days

We're in that strange no-name time between Christmas and New Year, and back in the shop, meeting familiar and new visitors to the area.

The moorland snow disappeared on Monday afternoon, giving way to a decidedly damp and foggy spell of weather leading up to New Year's Eve.

We hope you had a cracking Christmas, and wish you the very best for 2011  biggrin.gif

Darker Days

Everyone seems to be in the Yule mood - feeling ready for the shortest day and longest night so we can turn the corner of Winter and start building towards Spring again.

Graham's got some Selenite spirals in decorative mode on light boxes, adding colourful illumination to our Christmas lights display.DSC_0026.jpgDSC_0027.jpgDSC_0025.jpgDSC_0028.jpg





broken down.jpg


Graham was amazed to see this 1930s Lagonda broken down, and being assisted by the AA on the mini roundabout by HSBC bank.  Not my first choice for a winter vehicle, but at least it's in active service.




We've been enjoying clear skies and sunshine today - but know that the colder weather is set to return. 
cold snap2.jpg

Take care everyone

Late Night Shopping

biggrin.gif We're here and open for Late Night Christmas Shopping in Wadebridge biggrin.gif


Twinkle, Twinkle

P1050269.JPGI've been standing well back, except when instructed to pass things over, or to make complimentary remarks ...








and the result is a respectable display of Christmas lights biggrin.gif

The White Stuff


0_1_2.jpgWell, we were treated to a light blanket of snow and hail first thing this morning, just enough to say 'ahhh' and then be grateful that it melted by mid morning.


0_1.jpgChickens were none too impressed though! 

My sisters' hens came to an abrupt halt in their coop doorway, refusing to go out. 

The one in the middle then did an about-face and all 3 were then wedged there for a while!  Daft birds!

We hope all is well with you and yours in this cold snap.

Glitz & Glam

S544blog.JPGThis week we selected some stunning new pieces from a box of joy presented to us by one of our brilliant suppliers.

S545blog.JPGTheres two pieces of Fluorite from County Durham that are crested by Clear Quartz and Calcite - making them look like chunks of Christmas cake.

S542blog.JPGOne for the ladies (or those happily in touch with their feminine side ;) ) is a cluster of Pink and Green Tourmaline

There's also a stalagtitic Pyrolusite and a vibrant piece of Torbernite.

Cornwall's Floods



We had torrential rain on Tuesday night, but were spared the flooding suffered by our friends in St Austell.

The ground is certainly completely saturated, and the drive through the ford to work was quite spectacular!

Thank you to those who contacted us to make sure we were ok group.gif

Meditation with Crystals

I have added Crystal Meditations that I've written to our website this week.

These are all based on my work and understanding of the crystals and of how they enhance meditation.  They've all been tested and approved with meditation groups I work with.

I hope you enjoy them biggrin.gif

So far, there's

Bubble and Squeek!

We're loving the new Enhyrdo Quartz with active water bubbles!

S532blog.JPGThese point was collected by a colourful character, who is known for rushing out of his house early in the mornings to the mountains where he lives in Madagascar, so that none of the other villagers will discover where he's collecting these Enhydo points from.  He then polishes them to remove the cloudy exterior, typical of the locality.

Enhydro, Enhydrated or 'Bubble', crystals have caverns within them that contain liquid.  This is more common in quartz and agate.  The liquid contains the mineral components from which the crystal formed, once trapped as high heat steam, now condensed into fluid.  When it is black, its a carbon bubble.  To hunt for, find and play with bubbles is to be drawn into a fascinating world of the core of the crystal.  Some bubbles are static, some are air bubbles within fluid, and carbon bubbles often move within clear fluid.

The crystal healing properties of Enhyhros are to increase empathy, responsibility and practicality.  They are used to support life change, instilling concentrated determination.  These qualities are in addtion to the properties of the crystal that contains them.

All at Sea


There's a wave of new Ocean Japer pieces fresh online today biggrin.gif

What a Pair!!!

F020t.JPGWell, they are pairs made from single Ammonites - but sometimes it's very useful to have a 'his and hers' present, which is why we've sold several as wedding gifts.F019C.JPG



F017t.JPGStrictly speaking, Ammonite is not the animal itself but a variety of Aragonite that formed around the shell of prehistoric sea creatures, similar to gastropods.  In one of the new pairs I've just uploaded, looking at it end on, you can see where the tendrils came out of the shell.


Down to Earth


I've just uploaded some new Boji Stones that are of a size that are useful for hand holding or one in either top pocket of the jeans for those 'out of balance' days  thumbup.gif

Boji Stones are river tumbled pyrite that are used to aid self-awareness, solidity and cleanse all the chakras.

Try holding one in each hand in the centre, solar plexus reflex point of your palm and feel a negative or positive drawing sensation. Then swap them over for the opposite sensation. Work with them in the position that feels most comfortable.

Candle Mass

S515t.JPGS511t.JPGIn the flurry of activity that is currently me busy.bmp

I've added all the new Candle Quartz points onto the website today presenting.gif

Never Enough



Even if we had a small army of helpers, we'd never get all the tumble stones online individually!  shock.gif


ST146blog.JPGST148blog.JPGWe've made the choice that 'what you see is what you get' on this website, so we only pick out the more rare, beautiful or bigger tumble stones for upload.


ST152blog.JPGST158blog.JPGThat said, we've boosted the amount online this week, with a selection of Malachite, Chrysocolla, Smithsonite, Iolite, Ruby in Fuchsite, Amazonite and Lazulite joining the throng biggrin.gif

Brandberg Quartz

S493.JPGBeth has just sorted out an online home for the special type of quartz from Brandberg.

Brandberg Quartz refers to a range of Smoky to Amethyst Quartz that formed in Brandberg, Namibia.  (There's a typo in The Crystal Bible Volume 2 that calls them Brandenberg - which is in Germany).

Brandberg Quartz have unique colouring, with flames of Smoky to Amethyst, and sometimes both.  It is also best recognised by the sharp cavities within the quartz points, often 'enhydro', containing water bubbles.  These occured due to volcanic activity in the area at the time that the crystals formed.

As well as their visual appeal, Brandberg Quartz are valued as high vibrational healing stones for introspection and spiritual development.

Boxes Everywhere!

Beth's been hand picking her way through boxes and bags full of crystals to pick out suitable pieces to fill the shelves for the coming months.


There's tumble stones and specimens from Afghanistan, Brazil, Africa and the US.



And then this array from Madagascar....













I think she's done rather well!

Half Term Fun



We've had bright hot sunshine and ground drenching rain this October half term, in a typical Cornish fashion - so you can pick your activity to suit, and get to enjoy all conditions in just one week!






55.jpgIn particular, I enjoyed a dazzling beach walk with dogs, sisters and children at Polzeath, when we all basked in the sunshine...







51.jpgThen we chose a rainy day for our annual trip down to the Eden Project to enjoy their Halloween events....52.jpg





What's she grinning about?

Beth may well be wearing a fixed grin, so happy with all the pendants and crystals that she bought in yesterday... but I know how long it's going to take me to prepared them all for the website!!


Lunar ... Tick!

We've crossed the 2011 Lunar calendar off our to do list  ;)

We've stayed with our long term favourite -
the Lunar Wheel by Bird and Bee.

It shows the phases of the moon through the year, depicting each month day by day in a spiral arm of the wheel.  The moom names, times, eclipses, solistices and equinoxes are detailed and given in GMT.  It's beautiful artwork in its own right, and handy for keeping on track with the best day for cleansing crystals.

Cornish Rocks

KC298t.jpgKC300t.jpgBeth's still beavering away at uploading the recent hoard of rocks that I photographed.

Just on are a selection of Cornish speciemens, including pieces from The Lizard Peninsula, some Cornish Opal, a sparkling Iridescent Goethite and a lovely chunk of Mirror Bright Galena.

It's all go here!


Beth's been steadily getting everything I've photographed onto the website.  My pick of the pieces new this week are some Cavansite specimens, Fluorite on Quarz from Frazer's Hush, Prehnite nodule, and a lovely natural Citrine point.



Time for a break!

Just popping by to share a giggle with you, and wish you a happy weekend.

We'll be off out, and as it's turning rather colder in the evenings, I'll be scaring the sheep and locals across the Moor with my wrapped up way of keeping warm....

its cold.bmp


Tumble Fever




The Tumble Stones section of our website has just received a bolt of blue in the form of Dioptase and Blue John pieces.

At Last!

Happy Equinox/Mabon/Full Moon and beginning Libra everyone!icon_biggrin2.gif

I'm pleased to say that, after rather a wait - having hidden from Graham's view a couple of times while the camera's been out - the Atacamite is now onlineicon_yess-1.gif


Atacamite is a mineral from the Halides group witha hardness of 3.  It forms as bright to dark green thin, prismatic and tabular crystals in oxidised regions of copper deposits as a secondary mineral.

S411t.jpgKey Healing Properties: Atacamite is a rare mineral that is valued for opening the third eye, boosting visualisation and spiritual connection, restoring spiritual trust.  It is used for elimination, removing fear, cleansing the kidneys, healing the thyroid gland.

New Cornish Crystals



We've been merrily busying ourselves this week, with Graham surrounded by boxes and photographic equipment and me steadily uploading all the newbies for the site.





You'll now find the Gunheath Turquoise online (if you scroll down past the Healing Tools and jewellery), and today they've been joined by a box load of Silver-rich Galena from Greystones Quarry up Launceston way.

High Vibrational

I'm truly, madly busy uploading all the rocks and crystals that Graham's just photographed... but I had to pop to the Blog and let you know that we've just added a new section to the website for the High Vibrational healing crystals biggrin.gif

Gunheath Turquoise

Turquoise 001BLOG.jpgWe've sorted through the large box full of Cornish Turquoise from Gunheath China Clay pit (Ex. David Conway).

Here's the selection we've made for the website....

I'll be photographing them later this week, so look for them online soon :)


My brother brought his new go-faster camera with him when he visited us at the shop on Saturday, and here's the panoramic shots he took...


panorama a.JPG

panorama b.JPG


Ding Dong!

TS004t.jpgAfter a busy week in the Tingsha section, that brought us down to our last pair (!), we've restocked and how have a host to choose from.

geek.gif   I've put them up as a 'stock' items - meaning that we have several similar sets of Tingsha in the shop of the same design, so the one you receive may vary slightly from the photo - but will be of the same design and size.

Tingsha is Tibetan for 'ting' - ringing sound of metal and 'sha' - hanging and they were used for cleansing and ceremonial purposes. When struck together they resound a clear, rich, long note that resonates to purify the person or item intended to be cleansed.

Wheal Martyn

I spent a pleasant and fun packed day down at the China Clay Museum at the Wheal Martyn site, just outside St Austell last week with friends and family.

We can recommend it for all ages, preferably on a dry day, not only for learning more about the china clay industry and its history, and from a geological perspective but also in wonderment of the Victorian engineering and modern clay works - oh, and did I mention the massive hole in the ground??!!!

Wheal Martyn1.jpg

Wheal Martyn 2.jpg

Wheal Martyn 5.jpg


Wheal Martyn 6.jpg

Breaking Moos

19th 013.jpg

It was rather a damp and overcast day yesterday, with showery outbreaks, so we had a relax and re-coup Sunday at home on our day off.

Our Jack Russell Ted (dad of the pups) spent his time gazing at the herd in the field opposite.  I guess it's his form of telly!! biggrin.gif

Growing daily

It's a Marmite (love it or hate it) thing - but we've embraced Facebook, as our page there gives us a more interactive online presence.  5u84f48n.png

It's great to be able to gain feedback and keep contact with customers from further afield.

We've gone from a humble start to 180 fans now!

With a Rebel Yell

AP071t.jpg.AP072t.jpg... she cried 'More, More, More!'  - not only showing her age and fondness of Billy Idol (*sigh*), but also announcing more new goodies now uploaded.
We've restocked the Moldavite Pendants - and they're beauties!


Busy Week

It's been a really busy week here, with end of term for the local schools, lots and lots of visitors arriving in the area, and the local calendar being packed with events (including the Wadebridge Carnival today). 

More on the shop front, we've been buying in new goodies, and getting them ready for the website.  As well as the local pieces and Moldavite jewellery, we've restocked our main jewellery line and given a massive boost to our High Vibrational pieces, so much so that I think we'll need a new section in the website biggrin.gif

There's lots of stones hailed to be 'of the new consciousness' by Robert Simmons of The Book of Stones and Heaven and Earth (which is the source of the pieces we have).  It's no longer just Azeztulite - but there's Sanda Rosa, Himalyan and Golden Azeztulites as well.  New to me is Terraluminite, Satya Mani and Rosophia, and there's a fresh take on Chrome Diopside that has me buzzing away happily!dance.gif

Once I get grounded again I'll have them all priced up and available in the shop - in case you're popping by or can't wait till they appear online! wink.gif

Wadebridge Wheels

19th 019.jpgThere was a good turn out on a lovely sunny day up at the Wadebridge showground for the Wheels vintage rally organised by the local Rotary Club.

We headed up for a wander through and Beth's sister had her little MGA on show there.

19th 021.jpg



Lots to be seen, including this true oily rag Royal Enfield

and a stunning early BSA motorbike and sidecar outfit.
19th 024.jpg

Birthstone Beauties

nick 002.jpgHere's a peek at a new range of gemstone pendants we've just bought in.

These silver pendants have a claw setting for stones of 13mm round or square, and come in Aquamarine, Garnet, Carnelian, Moonstone, Malachite, Onyx, Amethyst, Citrine.......   pretty much covering off all Chakras and Birthstones!

They're all £19.50 (plus £3.75 p&p)

As busy season is well and truly underway, we don't think we'll have time to photograph and upload them all, so please email me if you'd like more details.


KC210C.jpgThere's 235 Cornish pieces online now!   I thought my arms and brain ached!

KC229t.jpgI've just finished uploading 2 boxes full of the pieces that Graham recently cleaned - the Amethyst,

Smoky Quartz, KC215t.jpg


and Calcite on Quartz from Wheal Mary Ann


Dish-pan Hands

Earlier this week, we bought in two boxes of Cornish rocks that have been shed stored for quite a while, and as designated rock-washer, I've been getting dish-pan hands cleaning them all up!

There's a good quanity of minor Amethyst pieces from Parson's Park China Clay Pit, near St Neot (now flooded), along with a handful of dark Smoky Quartz from Rostowrack, St Austell way.  There's also Galena from Greystones Quary, Lanceston and Quartz on Fluorite from Wheal Mary Ann, Menheniot.  Then there's single pieces from other locations, including Pseudo Malachite, Cuprite and some beautiful Rhodonite.

I'm under instruction to get the ones we've chosen to go online photographed next week, and I'm sure Beth'll let you know when they're loaded.

Meanwhile, they, and the other pieces available only in the shop are just that - available in the shop!

Happy Anniversary!

5th anniversary A.jpgSo here we are in our 6th year at the shop!  1st of July 2005 was our first day at Rainbow Spirit, and we feel we've come a long way in developing the range and quality of jewellery and crystals available - as well as having made many new and lovely customer-friends too, of course!

Thank you everyone for your support biggrin.gif

Widemouth Bay

widemouth bay.jpg
widemouth bay 2b.jpgWe rode north along the coast through Widemouth Bay yesterday, then inland to Holsworthy to visit a Vintage Rally taking place there.
widemouth 3.jpg
It was a great ride on a beautiful day!

The Rock of Sages

S294B.jpgOne crystal we're often asked for, and have difficulty in tracking down, is Atacamite.  It's loved for its bright to dark green thin crystal sprays, and as a stone for opening the third eye, boosting visualisation and spiritual connection, restoring spiritual trust.  Beth has nicknamed it 'the Rock of Sages'!

We've had a parcel of 5 pieces arrive today, so now hope to have enough to meet demand. 

Oh - make that 4 available now - Beth's just sold one!

ho hum, I'll be getting back into the photo studio!

His work cut out

karl 126.jpg

Graham's been banished to the back room this week, with rather an excess of pendants to photograph.

karl 129.jpg

Pay back for me is when he emerges with a disc full of photos for me to upload!


Cornish Blue

KC190C.jpgKC192.jpgA new collection of Cornish Blue Fluorite, that we're lucky to have acquired, has now brought a wave of colour to the website.

They're beauties!Blue for newsletter.jpg


Mini Break

mini break2.jpg

While the Royal Cornwall Show is on, people only suffer the traffic around Wadebridge to get to the showground and home again.  So with the town emptied, we treated ourselves to a mini break.biggrin.gif


Boscastle was our first destination, where I was facinated by the rippling slate formation.
mini break4.jpgmini break3.jpg





mini break7.jpg


Friday we buzzed down to Fowey in glorious sunshine

mini break6.jpg




mini break8.jpg






mini break1.jpgSaturday we spent gardening, then socialised with the wildlife on a ride over Bodmin Moor.

So, we're all refreshed and ready for the summer season!

Vroom with a Moo

5th 002 B.jpgOur motorbike outfit raises the interest of more than just human kind.  When I pulled it out on Saturday night, the herd of cattle in the field opposite came over for a look.

I was rather proud, until Beth pointed out that they'd thought it was their farmer on his quad bike bringing food!

Rumble Tumble

ST102 blog.jpgST107 blog.jpgA gang of newbies has rolled into the Tumblestone section presenting.gif

ST110 blog.jpg

View from the sidecar

5th 006b.jpgHere's a pic I took from the sidecar as we trundled over Davidstow Airfield last weekend :D

Celestial Quartz

S403t.jpgS401t.jpgHave bought what we thought was a plentiful supply of Celestial Quartz, when it came to putting them online we found there were only four specimens left.

S402t.jpgAll beauties though!


Card Bar & Thorntons

28th 007.jpgI've said it before, and I'll say it again - we're lucky in Wadebridge that when one retailer moves on, another is swiftly in their wake.

The external signs were going up today on the old chemist's opposite Barclays Bank.  It's a card shop that has a Thornton's chocolate franchise.  The company, Card Bar, are based in Wadebridge and have 13 other outlets around the area.

Goodness Gracious!

CS072t.jpgCS074B.jpgHappy sunny weekend all!  We're looking forward to being out in the sun tomorrow :D

We've had a multitude of new Crystal Balls in, and so far I've uploaded the Celestite Open Spheres, some Smoky Quartz ones, cute Septarian ones and a little Ocean Jasper ball.


Coming on a pace

I guess if you've an interest in crystals and minerals and how they form, then it's not too suprising that the building works at the new Travelodge is a daily fascination for me when I pass on the school run.

Here's how they're getting on....

may 002.jpg

daylewis.JPGAnd closer to us, down Molesworth Street, the chemists that was Boots then more recenlty Day Lewis, has moved closer to the doctor's surgery (opposite the cinema).  The space is being stripped out today, and work will start on dividing the space to make ready for a card shop and Thornton's Chocolates to move in (*yum*)!

Meteorites from China



We've some new meteorites in that fell to China.


The Nantan (or Nandan) meteorite fall was observed in May, 1516 in South East China.  The nickel-iron meteorites largely stayed untouched until a shortage of iron in the mid C20th, luckily their high melting point spared them from the furnace!


They're available in the shop, or by phone, and will hit the website today.

This just in....

CC145t.jpgHere in the shop it's a hive of activity as we prepare an array of new stock for the website and newsletter.  We're peacefully cocooned from the political news!CC144t.jpg

The Crystal Carvings have been added to with new hearts, angels and this stunning large, Amethyst Merkaba....CS057blog.jpg


There's two beautiful Rhodochrosite spheres - pocket-size and affordable...

ST089B.jpganST084blog.jpgd there's clutch of new Tumblestones, including a new crystal to the site - Preseli Bluestone - which comes from the mountains of Wales and was used for the inner ring of Stonehenge.

Blossom Time

cherry blossom 002t.jpg

cherry blossom 001t.jpg

After weeks of sunshine, we've had rather an overcast and blustery weekend, with bracing wind that decorated the paths of Wadebridge with cherry blossom....

Pretty Fine


SDC46.jpgNew rugged beauties can be found in our Cornish, UK and Ireland and Crystal Specimens sections, like this Ruby in Green Kyanite and this pretty little Calcite.


Blue John

With a handfull of Blue John specimens now online, we've given this crystal it's own little area.

Find out more by clicking here.

Sunday ride

sidecar view of Crackington Haven.jpg

Here's some views from the sidecar from today's ride out.

Crackington Haven, just down the coast from Bude, is a lovely place for a visit - which is what we did this afternoon. 

It's landscape is so blatanly carved by the Ice Age, with layers of sedimentary rock in the huge cliffs that hug the sides of the cove.

sidecar view of Cornish lane.jpg


....and the lanes leading to it are a Cornish dream too!

New stones online

KDC111.jpgKDC106t.jpgNew additions to the Cornish section include glowing Metazeunerite, and colour contrasting Fluorite & Gilbertite Mica and Natrolite on Serpentine.



SDC37t.jpgSDC38t.jpgand over in the UK & Ireland section, there's Calcite on Specularite & Botroydal Hematite, a funky looking Calcite, Pyromorphite and Fluorite.

Stone of the Week

5u84f48n.pngYou'll find more photos from us, and a regular feature,
'Stone of the Week', on our facebook page.

Join us! :o)

Sunny in the West


stuff 014.jpgWe've been enjoying what seems to be a long, dry and sunny spell here in Cornwall - so very good for the mind, spirit and house!

It gave us the ideal opportunity for a ride out to Boscastle yesterday.




Sorry we can't jar up Cornish sun for those further afield, but here's sun in a rock - Sunstone :o)


Healing Room Stones

Healing room 291t.jpgWhen Graham was in his photo studio last week, he took a range of wonderful pictures of the crystals we use in our Healing Room.

We're planning a gallery section of this website - but in the meantime, you can see them on our Facebook page.

More from the Tucson Show

Ed 001.jpgI'm working my way steadily through these two new boxes of specialised specimens, so they'll be appearing online over the next few days.

There's rare pieces, like Arsenatian Vanadinite and Chalcotrichite, as well as the Cornish beauty - Blue Fluorite, and the return of an old favourite - Specular Hematite on Quartz.

The large purple beauty in the lower box is a Brandberg Smoky Amethyst Enhydro.... and it's elestial!!

Half Term

We've had a busy half term, meeting some new and some familiar visitors to the shop, as well as managing school's out fun for our daughters.

on the road again.jpg

I got the outfit back on the road again in the sunshine we had last weekend,

and Beth and the girls enjoyed a day out at the Eden Project, meeting the Aardman animation team who gave worshops on making models of Shaun the Sheep,

and here they are.....

shaun the sheep.jpg

They're a long way from Arkansas Toto

S340B.jpgOk, as Graham keeps saying, it's pronouned Ar-ken-saw, not kansas, but a little group of the clearest quartz points I've just uploaded have travelled a fair few miles to be with us.

They're Arkansas Quartz, which is believed to be 'the' location for Clear Quartz of the highest vibration - valued by crystal healers and gem lovers alike.

We're in Free Flow

Lapis Lazuli Free Forms.jpg


I'm swooning over a gang of hunky Lapis Lazuli that I've just uploaded. 


These large pieces of A Grade Lapis have been polished along their natural shape to make them tactile and to let that beautiful blue glow.

Golden Nuggets

We've a bag full of deep Golden Topaz, the best of which I've just uploaded.

golden topaz.jpg


CS050 blog.jpg


Happy Imbolc!

We've added some more Obsidian Scrying Mirrors to the array of psychic/intuitive tools onboard.

They thought it was all over

thought it was over.jpgJust when we thought we were clear from snow, and the grit has cleared away ...


it's back!


Heavenly Host


We've rejuvinated our range of hand carved crystal angels!

Banishing negativity

Natural Smoky Quartz points, some double terminated (with a point both ends) are a brilliant tool for directing negative energy out of your space.  We've just uploaded a handful from Afghanistan, all with their own character but sharing a sweet vibration of purpose.

smoky points.jpg


Best Friends

claire 005.jpgIt's lovely when customers feel relaxed in our shop, and you can certainly say that Guide Dog Omar was more than happy to chill out behind the counter with us, especially when he found out we have a dog biscuit supply!

claire 004.jpg

Winter Wonderland

snow lane.jpg


We're open again now that the snow's gone.

The snowfall and icy conditions were sufficient to cancel the school buses and close the school, so we mainly worked from home, running limited opening hours at the shop.


snow rough tor.jpg


We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.


We hope you're safe and warm, and can enjoy the lighter side of this colder weather.

Here's some of our snow scenes...


jan (19).jpgjan (23).jpg






jan (32).jpg







Happy New Year

tree.gifWe hope you've all had a super Christmas/Yule time

and wish you every happiness in 2010!

We're closed today - but open tomorrow (Saturday)

Apologies for phone problems

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused while our phone line was down - taking our switch machine and broadband with it!

The 1960s wiring used by the good old GPO, which was little more than hi-fi speaker wire, had corroded at a junction.

So we're all sorted (again! - after last month's computer problems!)

Late Night Shopping

xmas lights.bmp


We'll be staying open for the second Wadebridge late night shopping on Friday 18th.

Hope to see you there!





Atacamite is a beautiful and rare mineral.  It's detailed in the original Crystal Bible, but this is the first time we've had a piece in stock.

More pendulum magic!

CP028t.jpgA glorious multitude of pendulums has joined the throng online.

Choose from simple Clear Quartz or Amethyst through to the more unusual Calcite, Selenite and Shiva Lingham

Scrying Tonight!



Scying is a method of divination, and mirror scrying dates back to early history, with references to the Romans using mirrors to foretell the future.

We have a choice of Obsidian scrying mirrors new to the shop and website, that come in two sizes.

Late Night Shopping


We'll be statree.gifying open late this evening for the first of the Wadebridge late night Christmas santaho.gifshopping events.

There'll be fireworks over the river at 8.15pm, a visit by Father Christmas, and various activities around the town.

Next Friday, 18th, will be the second late night event.

Too much of a good thing



You can't get too much of a good thing when it comes to Cornish crystals!

I've just uploaded a couple more pieces of Golden Healer Quartz from Tintagel.


Don't ask me to explain - I phased out when Beth started talking in acronyms.... but apparently our ADSL filter needed replacing!

I think I'll stick to the mechanics of motorbikes!

Telephone problems

Grrrrrrrrr..... we seem to have a fault on our telephone line at the shop where we can dial out but not receive calls.

Sorry if you've been trying to contact us.  We're working with BT to try and resolve the problem.

You old Fossil!

F009t.jpgOur new section for Fossils is now hosting a choice selection of what's in the shop.

There's a large Ammonite pair, some Orthoceras and Fish Plates, and the cutest Trilobite on a rock (if a bug could ever be called cute!)

Get Packing

claire 001.jpg

Bless him - our 'Shipping Department' has been somewhat busy with the steady flow of orders for Christmas presents!


We aim to continue to get orders placed before 12 pm, packed and posted on the same day up until Friday 18th December.holly_leaf.jpg

Time to take cover

There are times when a wife instinctively knows (or has learned from past experience) that it's wise to hide silently behind the counter...... and the annual hanging of the Christmas lights in the window is sure one of them!

blog 007.jpgGraham's balanced on tip toes to stand between the log displays, all laden with individual gems and jewels, untangled and 'spoken nicely' to fairy lights and knotted wires....

We haven't had the official turning on of the Christmas lights yet, so fingers crossed everyone, and I'm staying safely behind the counter till I know they work!!

Normal Service Resumed

Sorry to everyone who tried to visit this site and found it unavailable.  Thank you to those who phoned the shop instead.

Our hosts without the most over in the States had to change location for their servers and a 10 minute job took them a little longer  :o[

But here we are, back again, and ready for your orders  ;o)

Chain Link


Our Silver Chains section has just been given the once over with a new line up of chains in four different styles and a greater choice of lengths. :o)

Where did those dry days go?



As we hold onto our roof tiles in this strong wind, we're wistfully wondering why those dry days of October seem so far away. 

Here's a memory of the autumn for us, when I first got the Ural outfit - a very happy day!

Set and Match

JE148.jpgJP199.jpgPutting Friday 13th phobias aside, and cracking on  ;o) - I've just uploaded the online selection from our new range of pendants

I particularly chose ones that work as a set with the earrings to make for easy options for presents!

Blustery Walk

cowrie walk.jpgMy sisters and I went for a girls day out, walking the coast paths around Port Isaac and New Polzeath.

Crashing waves and a breeze strong enough to blow all cares and worries out of your head - it was brilliant!





cowrie cove.jpgWe couldn't resist a stop at the Cowrie Cove near Stepper Point, where we relived childhood times hunting for little cowrie shells among the shingle. 

I found two and a half!


half term 063.jpg



Have a fun evening if you're heading out.

There's a witchy carnival up in Camelford and burning the beast over at Coliford Lake to choose from  :o)

Welcome to the family

S249.jpgFor those who've met the large Smoky Quartz (aka George) in the Healing Room - this is its half-brother (mix parents of Smoky & Hematite), who's now seeking adoption!

The Hematite rose formations are stunning and the Smoky Quartz is a lustrous hue, and the way the two minerals have combined to shape the piece - fascinating!

Get your skates on

iceskating at Eden.jpgThere's plenty of half term fun being had this week, and I've been the lucky one having two days off work to enjoy time with my daughters and sisters.






ice rink at Eden.jpgWe visited the Eden Project, and practised our skating skills as the ice rink has returned for the winter.

All Ears

JE128t.jpgJE143t.jpgWelcome to the new week, and happy half term!   It's much busier this week with lots of holiday makers out and about enjoying Cornwall.  Yesterday was the perfect Sunday, bright sunshine, strong breeze and crashing surf  :o)


JE127t.jpgJE137t.jpgBack in the shop, I've just uploaded a new selection of earrings.  These include the new designs that we've just bought in.

Next box please

This is the latest box full to make it online.

moldavite 003.jpg












The new range of gemstone jewellery is next!


We're taking orders as normal, but picking our moments to go to the post office to work around the Royal Mail strike, keeping your parcel safe here until it is sure to go swiftly through their system.

Colours of the Mind


S260C.jpgThe latest box of lovelies to go up has such an amazing array of colours, from pink Spherocobaltite, dark black Pyrolusite stalagtites,



KC158t.jpg vivid green Pyromorphite and vibrant blue Gunheath Turquoise... Yummy!


Aqua Aura Points

S230t.jpgTo some people, a crystal should be as nature intended, so any laboratory process is a no-no, but others find the visual and energetic appeal of aura quartz irresistable.

I've just photographed a range of little Aqua Aura points which Beth has now uploaded to this website.

Glouster Well Spotted!

S233B.jpgA box full of lovelies that hailed from Warwick, Gloustershire have just been added to the Crystals from UK & Ireland.  They are Calcites - some dog tooth and some with an natural irridescent coating of the same type as Golden Healer Quartz.

New crystal carvings

CC102t.jpgCC114t.jpgI'm gradually catching up with Graham and all the beautiful photos he's generating.

Peruvian hand carved angels and smooth puff hearts are now online.

And joining them in their own section, are a crowd of Crystal Skulls :o)





2010 Diaries & Calendars

Making a happy return to our wall and stock lines is the Lunar Wheel moon calendar, along with its mini version, the Lunar Wave cards. 

We also have the Earth Pathways Diary and Mind, Body, Spirit Daybook in the shop.

Happy Birthday Beth

birthday cake.gif

..... don't say I didn't do anything :o)

Catching Dreams

We asked Polzeath-based Mark Pennington to make one of his dreamcatchers especially for the Rainbow Spirit shop - and we think he did a great job, using natural and recycled materials. 

Mark.jpg I have an excuse for a quick cat nap to test it out ;o)

My precious

AP057t.jpgNow we're cooking! 

Graham's on a roll in the photo studio, bringing me wonderful pictures to show you our new stock.AP056t.jpg

Today it's the turn of the Moldavite pendants to come online.


While you're in there

new stuff 020t.jpg


Now that Graham's locked away in the photo studio, we're on a roll getting the new rocks and jewellery ready to come online - and then I can send out the next Newsletter.



new stuff 024t.jpg



I popped three boxes of pendants into the studio this morning.  One full of Moldavite pendants and rings, and the other two have juicy gems and big stones :o)

new stuff 017t.jpg

Locked away in the dark

new stuff 009.jpgSo the Cornish rocks that recently made it out of a shed have been cleaned, labelled and are ready to be photographed.

They've been joined by 4 boxes of other new specimens....

I think I've got my work cut out for me getting this lot onto the website!

It'll be me locked away in the dark!

Local Quartz

trebarwith low tide.jpg

The Autumn equinox and new moon last Friday have given us exciting high tides and large expanses of beach to explore at low tide.

We headed up to Trebarwith Strand on Sunday to explore the parts of the beach we don't normally get to see - hunting down the quartz of course!


Here's some of the sights we saw:

trebarwith quartz wall.jpg

A mad wall of quartz,



trebarwith quartz snowball.jpg

Quartz 'snowballs', the massive sea-tumbled stones,



trebarwith quartz vein.jpg



and a crooked St Piran's flag in a quartz vein!

Steamy Saturday!

It's a wonderful sight - traction engines rolling into town, startling everyone and making them laugh with their whistles and whoops.


They're here to meet up with a steam train engine, Beattie Well Tank, a fairground and vintage bus - all celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Bodmin and Wadebridge railway.

Scorching Sunday



Often papers report on shows and local events as being 'the best ever' - well, if they write that in next week's Guardian about the Lanlivery Agriculutural Show, I'll believe them!

It was a brilliant day out for all our family, everyone getting a touch of sun and a variety of top memories to carry us through the cooler days to come.


Last of the Summer

Life in Cornwall is settling back down now that the schools have started the Autumn term.... but it's not Autumn yet, not with glorious days like we were lucky to have yesterday, on our day off.

Here's some views from the Port William pub to share the joys of the north coast:



Folk Festival

This year's Wadebridge Festival is underway, bringing some colourful folk to the town and packing the local pubs with merry makers and melody.

We'll be closed on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday - but checking in on emails should you need our help.

Have a good weekend!

Family Time

Whilst the hight of the holiday season means that we're working every day, it's also a time when many of our family and friends come to visit from further afield.  It's an excuse for us to do the 'touristy' things and have indulgent trips to the local beaches and pubs :o)


Hot Sunny Days

You don't have to look outside to know the weather when you work in a shop.  Rain-macs and wellies have been discarded for loose fitting tops covering sunkissed/pink customers!

I've been crystal hunting atop Tintagel Head with our girls to no avail, we just found lots of visitors!  Tintagel.jpg


This is just a little fun, and loose interpretation of the complex properties associated with crystals...

:blackeye: - Amethyst, Queen of the Healers, for bumps and bruises in life

:bye: - Dioptase, for letting go

:shock: - Labradorite, for irrational fear

:( - Blue Tourmaline for depression

:yahoo: - Turquoise for positive self expression
:write: - Celestite for writers/artists block

:hello: - Dravide for ability to interact within a community/society

:blink: - Sugilite for learning difficulties (I have dyslexia, so know the feeling!)

:banghead: - Carnelian for assertion without aggression


New stock just in

I'm not sure that we'll get a chance to put all the new jewellery and crystals onto the website now that it's truly holiday season - so here's a look at the pendulums and some Clear Quartz eggs and Amethyst spheres:

new pendulums.jpgnew spherest.jpg

Moon Rocks

AS070.jpgThe first steps for man on the Moon's landscape are a slightly faded but deepset childhood memory for me, which underlies my fascination for astral stones and for the possibilities created by man's engineering capability.

I watched with envy as James May took a flight to the edge of space in a U2 spy plane in a recent BBC programme, and enjoyed the news story of children being shown Moon rocks at school.

I marked the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing by spending time with the Pallasite Meteorite we have. 

Working from Home

I couldn't resist sharing this photo I took last night of Beth working from home.. under somewhat trying circumstances! Photo0041.jpg

Note the bottom left hand corner - that's our chocolate labrador using Beth's ankle as a head rest!

It's 'Open All Hours' 21st century style!

Summer Heat

Hi, I thought I'd just share some research I did today for a customer who wanted to use crystals as support through the recent heatwave.

Rose Quartz will help with sunburn, as will Angelite and Larimar.  For sunstroke, choose Chrysoprase and if it's heatstroke - Blue Lace Agate or Hematite.  If you're irritable with the heat, look at Apatite, Rhodonite or Jade - but if it affects you the opposite way, and drains you of energy, then go for Carnelian, Tiger's Eye or Turquoise.

We have all of these in a variety of sizes of tumblestones, which we're happy to send out if you phone us (01208 816554)

Chicken Russellers

Photo0564.jpgWell, I said we should give them two weeks to settle in, and sure enough, to the day, it's been a fortnight since the hens moved in and Graham found 2 eggs this morning. 

Inter-species relations between poultry and dog are going smoothly, I'm pleased to say!Photo0568.jpg



Crystal Box.jpgYesterday, Beth was finding a good alternative use for one of the boxes that brought us crystals this week:


5 chickens have arrived in the back garden, much to Beth's delight, as it's been six years since she last kept this variety of feathered friend.








Come into the garden

veg patch.jpgWe're enjoying the effects of the sun - bringing more visitors and letting us have evenings out in the garden.

I've doubled the size of our veg patch, and I'm experimenting with adding crystals to one half of it, starting with a large lump of clear quartz in the centre of my runner bean wigwam.  It's a piece I found in my sister's garden, up on the Moor.  Whether it will have an effect on the productivity of my vegetables... I dunno!  I'd be interested to hear if anyone has made crystal experiments in the garden - please email me if you have.

I'm not taking any risks with rabbits, and have put a good fence around the patch, but now I'm looking through the books to work out which crystals would repell slugs and snails!

I'll keep you posted as to how I get on   :o)



KDC22.jpgWhy it wasn't called 'Gwennapite' or 'Redruthite' I can't say, but we do have this, and one other piece of the mineral named after the county now online.

Have a good bank holiday weekend!  See you on Tuesday :o)

Coming Soon..

With 4 boxes of goodies waiting to get online - I've sent Graham up to the studio to get them all photographed. 

He's obviously in artistic mode - as his latest notion is to take the UV lamp in with him.....

jackie blog.jpg


I didn't realise that Wavellite fluoresced!


These and more Cornish specimens will be appearing here later this week.

Please call the shop if you'd like more info.


I've been very lucky, having avoided hay fever, which my brother suffers from terribly - but a field full of oil seed rape will certainly set my nose and eyes a-twitching - which is what happened on the way home yesterday, and gave me the idea for this Blog entry.

CT046t.jpgHere's a few crystal associations for allergy sufferers:

Blue Lace Agate for speeding up recovery from allergic reaction

Aquamarine for respiratory reactions, including hay fever

CT051t.jpgAmber for skin and mucous membrane reactions

Belly full of rainbows

CC075t.jpgThere are three lucky Buddhas that are new online today, all of which were carved from high quality Clear Quartz, giving them a belly full of rainbows!

Busy busy busy!

It seems we're seasonally adjusting - not only to the change in the clocks, but also to the increase in numbers of visitors that the good weather and Easter holiday brought us.  We need summertime to mean an extra hour each day!

New crystals just in include rare and specialised tumble stones, gemmy Uruguian Amethyst beds, many crystal carvings and lots of great jewellery... Now we just have to wait for some free time to photograph them all and get them on the website to show you!   :o)

Please be patient with us - or give us a ring if there's somthing you'd like that's not online.


Happy Easter

eggs 004.jpg

We'll be closed for Easter egg hunting Sunday and bank holiday recovery day!


Have a Happy Easter!


pendant 005.jpgThere's loads of new jewellery pieces that we've priced up today - earrings, pendants and bracelets in the main stones.  Some will make their way onto the site next week - and all are available by request if you phone or email us.

Healing Properties of Crystals

Ever since we developed this website, a year ago or so, I've wanted to be able to provide online as much of the help and information that we can give in the shop.  what crystal where.jpg

A little step further in our evolution this weeks brings two new tables to the Healing Properties of Crystals page - which I hope you'll find interesting and useful.

Happy Mothers' Day

Mothers day.jpg


Happy Mothers' Day to fellow mums.  I was treated to a breezy walk on Polzeath beach in glorious sunshine. 


It was wonderfully warm in sheltered nooks, and 'refreshing' standing atop a rock with the tide crashing around me and the girls.


So not only a great day out... but everyone was quiet and sleepy for the rest of the day!    ;O)

Lights, Camera....



When Howard of Westcountry Photographers came in to do the photo shoot for Cornwall Today magazine, he saw an opportunity for an arty shot:-


The photos for the magazine are more straight forward shots of Graham and the crystals and both of us in shop.  We'll be in the April edition of Cornwall Today.


Bless .... I've always said he was the light of my life.....


Have a Heart!

CC063t.jpgCC056t.jpgNew additions this week include hand carved angels, hearts and Merkabas which you'll find in the Crystal Carvings section.CC059t.jpg

What's Occuring

Cornwall Today photo shoot.jpgGraham (and the crystals) were in a photoshoot today for the April edition of Cornwall Today magazine.  They've written an article about us and our Cornish crystals   :o)

It made a change for Graham to be on the other side of the camera!


We had a new selection of pendants in this week from one of our favourite designers - Karl Francis.  Along with his usual sturdy pendants with high quality stones, he's added a range that he calls 'Fibonacci'.  These display his unique engineering and design ideas, and were inspired by the Golden Ratio and the number sequence that can be found in natural geometry.  Examples are in the structure of Ammonites, pineapples and also inspired the design of the domes at the Eden Project.JP108t.jpg

JP105t.jpgI'll put a piece up explaining more about this in due course, but for now, the I'll let the artistry and pieces speak for themselves:


Cornish Blue Fluorite

KC144b.jpgThe depth of colour and gem quality of some of the pieces of Cornish Blue Fluorite new online is wonderful!  I'll let the picture speak for themselves....

KC144t.jpg                              KC137t.jpg

Have a good weekend!

New Crystal Dragons


CC048t.jpgYou'll find a range of Dragons have arrived on the website today, in the Crystal Carvings section. 

They've got great character,

 CC050t.jpgand come in a range of crystals.

Cornish Opals

KC133t.jpgKC131t.jpgThe contents of a rather dusty looking box of Cornish Opals
that had sat on the shelves of a local collector, has received the magic cleaning touch of Graham.  They're now weighed, measured and appearing under the Cornish Crystals section  :o)


Closed on Tuesday

Road to nowhere.jpgThe snow continued to fall heavily last night, and whilst a gritting lorry has just gone along our main road (9 am), we decided to go with Wadebridge school and decide not to add to potential problems on the roads by making the journey in.

We're still available by email should you wish to contact us.

Enjoy the snow! We have been....
snow man.jpg    snow gorse.jpg 

Wizard Conditions

As I write, in the evening, we're slowly being covered by a neat blanket of snow.  It started seriously falling in Wadebridge around 3 pm, after lots of little practice flurries.  The school closed early, signaling a mass exit of the town, as the last time the school closed early for snow, it took us 3 hours to make the 20 minute journey home.  Thankfully this time it hasn't been so heavy so fast as that November in 2005.  We hope you're all safe and sound in the warm.

New Crystals

CT114t.jpgIn amongst the 120 pieces from the Peter Kleiner collection that are newly loaded, there's crystals that we've not had online before.  Girosol.jpg

These are Cavansite, a stunning blue crystal,

Girosol, an opal chalcedony combination stone,
and Variscite, CT102t.jpga calming, green stone of stability.


Peter Kleiner Pieces


All Graham's fine work behind the camera is paying off and a steady stream of S169t.jpgnew pieces S157t.jpgare appearing on this online store this week. 

There's several in Crystal Specimens, including the biggest pair of Boji Stones we've ever seen.  CT035t.jpg

CT065t.jpgThe majority are from the Peter Kleiner collection, and you'll find them under Healing Tools.

We hope you enjoy gazing upon them as much as we do!

Peter Kleiner Collection

Here's a sneak preview of more pieces from the Peter Kleiner collection, which Beth will put up on the website soon under Healing Tools.....CT010.jpg

 PK 118.jpg                    PK 168.jpg

They're a pleasure to photograph... and I've got a better heater in the back room ;o)

The Big Freeze

Snow desk.jpg

I know it's all relative, and we Brits shouldn't be complaining in what other countries would refer to as mild temperature drops.... but, c'mon... it is freezing outside!!

We're doing our best to keep the shop as a warm sanctuary and being thankful for the sunshine we've been enjoying here in Cornwall.

Here's some thoughts on crystals for this time of the year (all available in a wider selection by request from the shop):

To support New Year's Resolutions:
Moonstone - for new beginnings
Malachite - for transformation
Smoky Quartz - for detox/giving up smoking

To recover from Colds and Flu's:
Fluorite - for eliminating infection and healing
Thulite - for strength and regeneration after extreme weakness
Unakite - for convalescence

To wish for a good 2009:
Goethite - the wishing stone
Sunstone - for good luck

And then there were 2

and then there were 2.jpgWe had our last puppy playtime this mornning, and are bidding fond farewell to the last two puppies today.

It's been a wonderful, if somewhat tiring, experience, and we're really pleased with the new homes they have all found.

Happy New Year

The shop is open as usual today and New Year's Eve, but we'll be closed New Year's Day.

We wish you all a very happy open!

Beth & Graham

Christmas Stuffing

We hope you're all having a great festive time.  We're enjoying a little break from the shop, and indulging in the best of the season's mealtime treats ;o)

We'll be back in the shop on Monday 29th December.

High Elf Esteem

pressie.gifWe think Father Christmas would happily have us as little helpers.  We're pretty proud of ourselves for having got all the orders so far out in time for Christmas posting.

Today (22nd December) is the last day for guaranteed delivery by Royal Mail to UK addresses if they go by Special Delivery.  It's probably  best to phone your order through so we make sure we get it out in time.  Thanks.



puppy invasion mass attack.jpgNow 5 weeks old, the puppies are full of life and fun, and nearly all found new homes.puppy invasion gem pot.jpg

Christmas Lights

I lit the candles on our crystal lamps and tea lights shelves for a photo to go in the local paper, so I thought I'd share the warm glow with you on this cold snap of weather we're having....

Rainbow Spirit Christmas Light.jpg


It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas!

Hello to those of you 'enjoying' the snow upcountry!  We're really, really cold, but no snow fun and games here in Cornwall as yet.  All of us are trying to adjust to the drop in temperature - apart from Millie who has 6 little hot water bottle puppies cuddled up to her!

I'm trying out a theory that if I have Hematite in every pocket then it will boost my circulation and make me warmer!  Hopefully it works, as the initial reaction was 'boy, these stones are cold!!!'

Puppy Tails

Thank you for all the website orders, keeping us warm on brisk walks to the post office.  It's also been busy in the shop, with people coming in to find gifts with meaning and uniqueness.

The puppies are keeping mum Millie equally busy!  They've grown so much already, and are just starting to open their eyes today.  Here's some magic moments:

Puppy hug.JPGPuppy trio.JPGPuppy nap.JPG

Puppy tails.JPGPuppy up close.JPG


Millie and pups.JPGAfter a 3 am start, we're all feeling a little woosey, but very pleased to meet the 4 boys and 2 girls that have arrived.  Mum is doing well, but is rather busy!

Bang Pop Whizz!

With four dogs in the household, we're hoping Firework Night won't be too noisy.  In fact, the only explosion we're expecting is by one of them, as Millie is due to have more pups any day now!

5 Nov.JPGCaution - Wide Load.... bless her!

Enjoy the evening!

Happy Halloween

pumpkin.JPGHappy Halloween! 

We've made our pumpkin lantern, but have also been busy adding to the online range of Crystal Skulls as an alternative with deeper meaning and longevity....

photo shoot.JPGSo the Healing Room has been turned into the photographic studio once more..

and the skulls have been lining up, waiting for their mug shot...skulls.JPG



Have a good, safe evening.

What's New

Beth's been hard at work getting all my photos up onto the site, so now there's a wider selection of Carved Crystals and Pendulums for you to choose from.  And there's more Cornish too   :o)

Harlequin Quartz        CC027t.jpg        CP002t.jpg             Amethyst Heart         Botallackite




Rock Pooling

Port Issac rock pooling.JPG


Not so much hunting for rocks, but hunting in rock pools....

We found numerous shrimps, crabs of all sizes, some diddy fish and even a small Flounder!

Wozat coming over the hill

Dark & Mysterious Character.jpgIt made me jump when this dark and mysterious figure first appeared on my screen - but then I realised it was a little Labradorite Buddha who'd tricked the camera out of focus.  (I'm sure it wasn't manual error ;o)

He heralds the arrival of the new section - Carved Crystals - which brings Buddhas and Angels online.

Sea Cleansed

sand crystalsMaking the best of the warm, sunny weather, we headed to Daymer Bay.

I couldn't resist taking some tumble stones with me to cleSea Cleansedanse in the sea...

Moon Calendar

The Lunar Wheel has been loved by all for many years.  The phases of the moon are depicted day by day for each month as a spiral arm of the wheel.  It is beautiful artwork in its own right, and dead handy to keep on track with the moon, so you become aware of how it affects our energy.  You'll also know the best day for cleansing crystals.

What's New

AE008.jpgThis week the Healing Room has been turned back into my photographic studio so we've got a long list of new items coming online.

First up are more Moldavite earrings and pendants.

"Check it out!"

Indian Summer

The latest of the new boxes of crystals to come out of the back room is full ofGolden Healer Quartz.jpg Quartz from Himachal Pradesh.  This is a northern Indian state that borders Tibet, a holy land of Hindu yogis, Buddhist Monks, myth and mystery.  Growing from this is the association and use of these crystals for tranquility and meditation.

They range from having ice-like clarity to bearing the warm orange coating typical of the region, often referred to as 'Golden Healer'.

Graham is photographing them as I write, so they'll be appearing here on our webstore soon, but here's a sneak preview -

Season's Past

Rainbow over Rainbow Spirit.jpgAs we come to the end of the summer holidays, see the crowds dispersing, we start to remember all those things we put on hold. 

There's a row of boxes in the Healing Room, all full of crystals waiting to be cleaned and readied for display - but they'll have to wait their turn behind the box in the kitchen half way through cleaning and the boxes in the cupboards waiting for the 'man at work' labels in the new display cabinets to come out. 

Graham just had to down tools once the schools broke up, as the shop filled with holiday crowds.

So, it's with an appology that we explain why there's not been any additions to the online store over the summer - but keep looking, as there's plenty more to come!

Rain doesn't stop play!

The news headlines about more people taking UK holidays this year has certainly felt true here on the north coast of Cornwall.  We've met, greeted and exchanged lots of lovely crystals with literally thousands of people since the schools broke up. 

Sorry if we look a little phased if you catch us near the end of the day!

Out of Space

New Space.jpgWith the ever expanding Cornish selection, and the newly added Crystals from the UK & Ireland, the need for more space to display crystals has been growing.  Added to that, the wand collection is still waiting a proper locking cabinet, and is still in boxes in the Healing Room cupboards! So Graham's cleared the old card rack at the back of the shop and we have three new cabinets arriving today.

Graham was sold on the idea once he realised that the wood from the rack could repair the forge doors at home, behind which his beloved motorbike lives.Two person lift.jpg

Now, the product information says you need "two people with DIY expertise" to put it together, and I think we've got one and a quarter, so this could be a long evening!!

Meteorite Hit

Meteorite Man2.jpgI recently acquired the largest meteorites we’ve ever seen.  I can't tell you how heavy it is cause our shop scales couldn't take the weight!  

It's proving to be really popular with customers aged 7 to 82 who've enjoyed meeting it, many having their photo taken with it.  It's one from the meteorite shower in Russia in 1947, and has a strong curl at the front which formed as it entered our atmosphere at around 9 miles per second.Big hit.jpg  One lad compared it to how fast he gets home from school, and wished he could travel at that speed!



Smoking Chimneys


Fires were lit in 20 engine houses from the disused mining area of Camborne and Redruth on Monday evening to recreate how the landscape would've looked back in the mining heyday.  It was part of a local 'imagineering' week to celebrate Cornwall's mining heritage.

We thought we'd take part by trying to do the same in our old forge (a renovation project of the future).  It probably last saw smoke rising from its chimney decades ago, when car repair took over from the regular Blacksmith work. 

One minor detail - we forgot to check whether the chimney had been capped.  So the fire lit, the flames held, and the forge filled with smoke, which slowly dispersed through the doors and holes in the roof!

Light my fire.jpgSmoking.jpg








Oh well....we tried!

New for July


Hi.  Just to let you know there's a new section for crystals, separate to the Cornish Crystals, so that you can find ones that come from the rest of Great Britain and Ireland.  It's started small, but I'm weighing, measuring and photographing a new collection that we've just bought in.


KC081t.jpgThe Cornish Crystals section has grown in size, with some beautiful, KC084t.jpgrecent additions,

Happy Hunting!

Over the Moors

Moorland stroll.JPGTumble crystal layout.jpg

We're loving the longer days and sunny evening walks.  We laid some crystals out to dry after we'd cleansed them in the stream, luckily we kept them all this time ;o)


After Hours

home time2.JPG

I think they're ready for home time!  Happy Summer Solictice!


Vaughan's Charity Walk

Picture 002.jpg

 Our brother-in-law, Vaughan, called in for a cup of tea as he passed through Wadebridge on his end to end walk for charity.  He left John O'Groats on 23rd April, and will reach Lands End next Wednesday, 18th June.  He's raising money for the 'Spirit' chairty that provides money for research into spinal injuries and Oswestry Hospital's spinal injury unit by way of a thank you for the assistance they gave his son who broke his spinal cord in a car accident.  Have a look at Vaughan's site for more information

Dog Bowl

Ted in bowl.JPG 

I think food was more on his mind! 

P.S. (Don't worry, I didn't play the bowl while he was in it!!)

Royal Cornwall Show

The sun has blessed the Royal Cornwall Show once again, and we're marooned in Wadebridge by a moat of gridlocked roads all leading up to the showground, both around and through the town.

Many people ask whether we have a stand there.  It mainly comes down to the three children and four dogs contraints that we don't.  If we could only clone ourselves to be in two places at once... now that would be a neat trick!

Power Tools

 PK tray.jpg

I've had my head down all week getting this lovely load of Peter Kleiner crystals ready to go out on display.  Problem is, people keep buying them off the tray! 

Launch-on Meet

We've really appreciated all of the emails we've been sent since we mailed out our first Newsletter launching this website.

There's been a few 'whoopsies' spotted - areas that are still being worked on - which show how this site is going to carry on developing and growing as the days roll on.  Today we came in early and had a photoshoot with two local customers who were kind enough to model receiving treatments. 

Graham has often joked that he should levitate when playing the singing bowls so that his footsteps can't be heard - and it looks like he's managed it......


Ok.... truth is that this shot was preceeded by me saying 'Which button do I press?'  :oD

Spot the Difference

There's about 250 items on the website today - and about the same number photographed, weighed and measured!  The next to appear will  be more spheres, tumble and more Cornish mineral specimens.  Now Graham has mastered the art of lighting and photographing crystals, it seems there's no stopping him!  I'm contemplating nicking the battery out of the camera to give me a chance to catch up writing about them all!

Here's a sneak preview...

 Picture 093.jpg


Specialist Stock

AP006t.jpgOk here’s the truth of it – we can’t get all our stuff onto the website quick enough! No sooner have we photographed a beautiful piece and written a dazzling description than someone comes in and buys the thing in the shop…and we have to start photographing and penning all over again!!!

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means you should call us on 01208 816554 if you are looking for something special because we probably have it in the shop!

If you are looking for a present for someone special then definitely give us a call, as not only can we tell you about the items not on the site, but we can give you some advice on what the perfect crystal(s) would be for that person. The website gives you loads of information on each piece’s properties but we always find there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned chinwag!

Anyways, happy soul-shopping and don’t forget we are happy to try to source any specialist items you require - or simply to hold your details until an item we think is of interest comes in! So get in touch, phone 01208 816554 or email us on

New Website

Beth & Longs.jpg

Those 'ansome boys at The Drawing Board have done proper job on the new website and it’s all quite exciting to us. After months of planning and decisions, databases and graphics we finally have the site we dreamt of.

To those who have been to see us in Wadebridge, Cornwall, I think you’ll agree that the site captures both the essence and the ambience of the shop… and that is exactly what we wanted.

For us selling crystals has never been about “retailing” it has always been about passing on beautiful things that can actually help people in their day to day lives… we hope you agree that the website shop does a bit of that too.

We hope you’ll have a good browse, and who knows maybe even buy something for you or a special friend.