Shungite is named after the place in Russia that it comes from, and is one of the newer discoveries in the crystal healing world. I'm not one to go with the crowd and gave it a wide berth, unpersuaded by hype for a while, but the pieces we are now getting made me take note.

It's a low vibration stone, because of its unique and mainly carbon composition. It's not like the buzz and lift of crystals such as Moldavite and the Azeztulites. Feeling heavier than its actual weight, it gives a sensation of transformation within stillness, like Nanny McPhee staff striking her staff on the floor, as if it were drawing all the negative debris I had absorbed from me at cellular level. Pretty awesome! My piece is now treasured crystal in my collection.
It's key properties are cleansing and transformation, and it is used as a crystal rescue remedy, said to have healing, normalising and restorative qualities.

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