Auralite is a specific variety of chevron Amethyst from the Aurora Amethyst Mine in Ontario, Canada.  Auralite is valued because it formed in an area that was subject to great, Earth-forming events 1.1 billion years ago.  This resulted in the chevron bands being seen as simliar to tree rings, each colour change marking a step in the formation of the North American continent.  It is also known as Auralite 23 because of the exceptional amount of potent minerals that are included in these crystals.

They have been identified as: Adularia, Bornite, Cacoxenite, Chalcopyrite, Covellite, Epidote, Goethite, Hematite, Pyrite, Gold,  Lepidocrocite, Silver, Platinum, Uranopilite, Sphalerite, Copper, Limonite,  Pyrolusite, Magnetite, Rutile and Titanite.

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